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10 Things No One Tells You About Living In Lekki

Famous for being a bustling hub of commerce, coupled with the luxurious apartments therein, living in Lekki, as well as doing business there is considered a status symbol.

However, living in Lekki can be both challenging and rewarding. For some, living in Lekki satisfies a temporary fix, a checkmark on life’s bucket list. For others, it’s forever.

Maybe you were born and raised in Lekki, or maybe you showed up one day and never looked back. Either way, for those people who are in it for the long haul, spending money on rent every month is daunting. And if you’re lucky enough to be able to do it, buying an apartment in Lekki is a solid investment that can be even cheaper than renting.

That said, there are some things that happen if and when you decide to take the plunge. Things that you might not necessarily have realised until you’re knee deep in paperwork of the agents.

They are:

1. Bills can become your worst enemy.
Watching people buy mansions in other parts of the country with your garden budget will make you cringe… especially if you’re paying rent.

2…. And monitoring it on the internet will make you consider picking up and leaving Lekki altogether.
“OMG! Look at what I could get in Ikeja!”

3. Obalende is the MESSIAH most times
You can’t deny driving long distance to shop outside Lekki despite the numerous world-class shopping plazas, clubs, supermarkets, pharmacies, fashion houses, boutiques, saloons that are in Lekki

4. You are On Your Own
You may not even know your neighbour!

5. Your priorities will change.
“Big kitchen” changes to “anything with counter space” real quick.

6. But your standards shouldn’t.
Spend, spend and keep spending!

7. The process of getting an apartment is a lot like dating.
Looking … different in photos is equally as awkward on a date as it is at an open house, for example.

8. A lot of people have lots of cash.
All cash offers are real, and they’re more than a little discouraging.

9 .You will learn a lot.
Even the most financially clueless people have no choice but to grasp some understanding of the housing market and all that goes with it when it’s all said and done.

10. It’s totally worth it in the end.
Owning a facility in the most comfortable place to live in Nigeria and knowing that’s a huge investment feels really freaking good.

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