13 Everyday Struggles Women Deal With That Men Will Never Understand

Every female knows that there are some injustices women face on a day-to-day basis — whether it be lack of equal pay or  unnecessary discrimination just because you have an F as your sex status.

In addition to all that, then there are the fashion and beauty struggles that women constantly deal with while the male folk remains naive and clueless. Below are some of the most frustrating and stressful style nuisances that complicate women’s everyday lives.

1. Having a general lack of pockets – Women usually don’t have any god damn pockets. And when you do have one, it’s not big enough to fit any of the essentials, like your phone or purse.

2. Having to carry a purse at all times — which inevitably leads to sore shoulders… and always being asked to carry any guy friends’ extra items.

3. Dealing with lipstick – Worrying about it smudging, getting on your teeth or fading in awkward places.

4. Feeling nervous when walking over a sidewalk grate when in a skirt or heels – No one wants to lose the heel of a shoe.

5. The struggle to conceal your bra – If you’re wearing a spaghetti strap top, there’s basically no hope of hiding your bra straps.

6. Constantly worrying that your bathing suit could expose X-rated body parts at any moment – Adjusting… And always adjusting.

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7. Moving around with a change of comfy shoes – Necessary for commutes or impending blisters when you’re wearing heels.

8. Applying boob tape to shirts that could reveal more than you’re willing to flaunt – I’m not aware of any man who’s physically taped his clothing to his body part.

9. Worrying about getting makeup stains on your clothes – Mature women have learned very quickly to always apply foundation after they get dressed.

10 Painting nails with the wrong hand – I mean, this is one ability every woman should have on her CV.

11. Being paranoid about tripping over your own maxi dress or skirt – Every step is a struggle.

12. Wearing white while on your period – Men will never understand the perpetual panic and inspections.

13. Being incapable of wearing an item of clothing because you haven’t shaved – Shorts, skirts, dresses and tank tops are off-limits if your legs and armpits aren’t freshly shaven.

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