15 Most Beautiful Vacation Destinations in Nigeria

From Beach and Golf Resorts to Exquisite Hotels and Go-To Parks, a whole fun, attractive world lies inside Nigerian borders. These are just a few of the many you can enjoy if you’re into, you know, fresh air, quiet spaces, fewer people and those sorts of things. Whether you’re planning an extended vacation or just a quick day trip from your location, these cool spots will have you almost forgetting about the bustling city.

1. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

La Campagne Tropical Beach Resort

La Campayne Beach Resorts is a sort of tropical getaway situated on a piece of isolated nature along the Lekki Expressway between and Epe. Only an hour drive from the city centre and bustling Lagos, it is a paradise with white sand beaches lined with palm trees. The complex offers very comfortable accommodation, a swimming pool, perfect land for picnics and the ability to camp in luxury tents. You can spend the day hiking, fishing; listening to sound of the birds, engage in water sports or simply take casual walk along the beach. For a quiet and romantic retreat with spouse, visit La Champagne Tropicana Beach Resort

2. Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort


Golf playing fun seekers will have most full-filled experience at Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort in Akwa Ibom State. Located in the midst of a flourishing palm forest vegetation, and full of romantic discoveries and adventure, it is a quiet get away for lovebirds on their honeymoon. The chefs serve some of the most delicious meals you can taste in the whole country. Visit: Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort

3. Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu, Calabar

Obudu Mountain Resort, also known as Obudu Cattle Ranch is a perfect paradise for holiday makers and fun seekers. You engage in outdoor activities like hiking, golfing, horseback riding and bird watching. You will also enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding the resort as you wake up from the traditional African styled huts or chalets on stilts which serves as the accommodation; during the cool months, warm nights by fire side is so romantic. The cuisine is equally great.

4. Kamp Ikare

Kamp Ikare

Kamp Ikare, is quite a natural wonder, situated in an charming part of well-preserved Nigeria coastline, an attractive panorama of white sand and glittering sea, it is such a wonderland for your holiday makers. The resort has such a natural splendour that the memory of its beautiful landscape is etched in the memory of visitors long after the visit.

5. Zenababs Half Moon Resort 


Zenababs Half Moon Resort located in Ijesha, Osun State is an exotic resort for a luxurious honeymoon. Nestled in beautiful natural surroundings, its tranquil and fully equipped villas make the resort the best place for a romantic honeymoon. After a beautiful night, you can wake up to magnificent views of the beautiful surrounding while enjoying breakfast in bed. Visit: Zenababs Half Moon Resort

6. Le Meridien Ogeyi Place

Le Meridien Ogeyi PortHarcourt-DeluxeRoomPoloview

Blending luxury with beauty, an outdoor pool, spa services, tastefully furnished rooms with a touch of African style and fine dining are available at this retreat. The warm hospitality of the staff contributes to the luxury. Located in Port Harcourt, Le Meridien Ogeyi Place is a very serene spot for new couples that want a quiet honeymoon in a serene environment. Visit: Le Meridien Ogeyi Place

7. The Whispering Palms Resort

Whispering Palms 2

Photo Source: Whispering Palms

Whispering Palms resort is renowned for its retreat and beauty. Located in Badagry, the resort is the finest hideaway for fun-seekers. The scenery of the palms that lined the road, the beauty of the beach front, the sight of the animals in the mini zoo and the artworks all contribute to give you a treat of a lifetime.

8. La Manga Luxury Villas

La Manga Ilashe 2

Spending time at the La Manga Beach Resort is like living in a paradise. A picnic under the palm trees will be exciting and refreshing to new couples just as a stroll along the beach while they savour the beautiful scenery. The resort offers honeymooners the best of luxury and romance they can ever imagine. Visit: La Manga Beach Resort

9. MicCom Golf Resort

MicCom Golf Course

For a romantic get away and to be alone with your new spouse, visit MicCom Golf Resort in Osun State. Set in a natural setting, surrounded with lush green vegetation. If you are golf enthusiast you’ll have a most rewarding golfing experience with your spouse and even non-golf playing couple will have a peaceful and a fun-filled honeymoon in this midst of this natural wonder. Visit: MicCom Golf Resort

10. Epe Resort & Spa

Epe Resort Pool

Everyone loves relaxing in a spa when they’ve got the time. Besides, no one has got superfluous time to relax and explore than honeymooners. Epe Resort and Spa is known for the ultimate pleasure and real romantic experience it offers newlyweds. The resort is a relaxing escape with exciting adventures and facilities. Spice things up by indulging in their spa treatments, relaxing by the pool with a glass of wine and having a romantic dinner with your spouse at the in-house restaurant. Visit: Epe Resort and Spa

11. Rojenny Tourist Village

Rojenny Village is a secluded and romantic retreat for fun-seekers. The destination offers a lot of exciting attractions, which include sporting and relaxation facilities, joy rides and amusement park. Enjoy a walk round the facilities with your partner, especially in the evening. Rojenny Village is located on the suburbs of Onitsha town, Anambra State. Visit: Rojenny Tourist Village

12. Eko Tourist Resort

Eko Tourist Beach Resort

Envisage spending your day with your partner bride in your arms watching swaying palm trees while the breeze stroke your skin and strolling on white sand beaches. Located on Lagos- Epe Expressway, the Eko Tourist Resort is a picture-perfect holiday retreat. The resort offers activities you can enjoy with your new spouse. You won’t believe you are in Lagos when you are at this resort, you’ll feel like you are on a private island, somewhere in Miami.

13. Oguta Lake Holiday Complex


Vacation is about getting away from it all and one of the best places to escape the whole stress is Oguta lake Holiday Complex. Located in Imo State, this retreat offers a lot of recreational activities at the lake Including swimming, boat cruising and the beautiful scenery of the confluence of Urashi Rive and Oguta Lake.

14. Abraka River Resort, Abraka

Abraka-Gordons Beach Resort

Abraka River Layout is a perfect location, a romantic getaway for holiday makers who want to stay away from the city and closer to nature. Swimming, boat riding, fishing are a few of the activities couples can indulge in. Taking a walk on the sandy beach and watching Ethiope River flowing rhythmically and slowly is such a soul refreshing experience.

15. Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort

  Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort

Adventure lovers will feel at home at Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort. Located in Ikogosi in Ekiti State, the resort offers luxury accommodation and lifetime experiences that will make your holiday memorable. Explore amazing landscape views of the resort, natural wonders of rock formation and the meeting point of warm and cold springs. Visit: Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort.

Ever been to any of these fun destinations? Share your experiences with us in the comment below.

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  1. Bilqis

    April 1, 2016 at 6:04 pm

    La Campagne had beautiful scenery that makes you desire a return visit. However, their food is bad and head of the resort is very miserly. Complaints are not treated though the warm staff keep apologizing for the poor management of issues. Visited the resort in December 2015 during our organization’s retreat. It can be better, oga at the top.


    July 29, 2017 at 4:38 pm

    my visit to whispering palms badagree lagos was fabulous and very interesting
    i enjoyed myself. i had boat cruising , breakfast , swimming , bicycle rides i had so much fun with my family.

    1. naijaw6

      July 29, 2017 at 9:26 pm

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us Esther. Please check our business directory for some fun places and interesting things to do in Lekki, Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Ajah, Lagos.

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