3 Tips To Getting Ready For The Nigerian Elections

Image via Abuja City

By Oma Ehiri

It is only a few days to the election and quite a lot has been hapening. It seems like one that is full of surprises and historic events starting with the shift of the election polls to the introduction of the card readers which has gathered quite a foray of conversations on the matter. Notwithstanding, we encourage everyone to brace up and expect nothing but the best, participate in the elections by letting your vote count but exercise caution. Here are our top 3 tips to making sure that you participate in the forthcoming elections, avoid being a victim of violence and still find a relaxing weekend in between.

Get Your PVC

It is not enough to shout down one another in public places and get your adrenaline pumping from hysterical arguments that makes you lose your voice. You need to act the words you have spoken and make frantic efforts to obtain your PVC. We know that quite a number of people have found it difficult to get their PVCs due to long queues at some of the distribution outlets or the distance between their point of initial registration and when they now reside. For others, it has been the inability for INEC to find their PVCs which worries a lot of people who fear that they may be disenfranchised. Amidst all the hurdles, try the best you can to obtain yours so that in the end,when your candidate wins, you will know that you made it happen and if he loses, you won’t regret not adding your vote to the others.


From out experience of previous elections, there is likely to be restrictive movement on that day till maybe sometime around the evening and since we are not quite certain of the situation after the election, you may want to give yourself complete restriction on movement. Thus, go grocery shopping and stock your store and your fridge with all the goodies that could last you a week. No panic attack but you need to be ready and by being ready, I begin you do not want to starve of food if prices go drastically up or people don’t get to purchase new stock. So, shop all you can!

Fill Your Tank

This should have been part of your shopping list but because it is really important to stress this, we just thought to make it an item. We have already experienced a bit of fuel scarcity and not certain if all issues have been completely resolved. So, we advise that you get at least a gallon full of fuel on reserve. This is after you must have filled the car’s fuel tank and the generator’s. You can’t be assured of the light situation in Nigeria so, you don’t want to stay in the dark or bored when the power supply gets cut off. Your generator will come to the rescue and you can watch all the happenings over the news and then get some movies on Africa Magic or any other station of your choice.

In all of these things, stay alert at all times and please, do exercise caution. What other advice do you have as regards preparing for elections?

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