5 Things To Do At Lunch Break

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By Oma Ehiri

Hello, hope you had a great weekend? Welcome back from the mother’s day celebration and since its the start of a new work week, we’ll be talking about something we all look forward to at work which is the lunch break.

The traditional reason for a lunch break is so that people can get time off work to eat their meal. However, there is so much that you can do at lunch time other than eating. It is very importnat that you take an actual lunch break so that you decluster your head of all the work that you have done earlier and feel refreshed to complete the rest of the day’s work. For those that want to make the most of their lunch time, here are a few tips:

Go To A Restaurant

Rather than stay back at work and have your meal, you could try visiting a restaurant  and just try a meal that you have never had. You should be careful though and try doing a research before you try a new meal especially if your system is sensitive. You want to be sure that the meal doesn’t contain anything that you are allergic to.

Hit the Gym

You can actually add a 30 minutes workout to your daily routine and get it done at lunch time. However, to do this, you need to consider the proximity of the gym to your office so that you don’t exceed the lunch hour given to you. Also, you may want to confirm that the gym has a nice place for you to freshen up afterwards.

Take a Walk

Just taking a stroll and getting the cool breeze on you would be a great idea if the sun isn’t up and scorching. Also, a nutritionist, Sheres Ijewere, says individuals need at least 10,000 steps a day. You could try to achieve most of that at lunch time by walking around the block or up and down the stairs at the office.

Watch A Series

I am so guilty of this. At lunch time, I try to watch one of my favourite TV series just so that I relax my brain and the good thing is, I can do that while eating with so much ease. You can try that too and decongest the episodes of your favourite series that you haven’t seen.

Get a Manicure/Pedicure

Ladies must love this. Grab a snack and tush off to your favourite salon, fix your nails, change the nail polish or pamper your feet while you come back to the office looking cooler than when you first left. You could style your hair too and get your colleagues looking you all over like they did when you first came to work.

We would love to get more tips that could spice up our lunch break.

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