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5 Party Mistakes Almost Every Host Makes

Birthdays, Weddings, Friday Nights… for whatever reason, you’re throwing a party. The invitations have gone out, and you’ve figured out the lighting, decor and music.  One thing that’s most important first of all, is making sure all of your guests are safe. Keep tabs on people in your home. A host should make sure that they are not accidentally complicit with sexual assault or something related in any way, including drunk driving.

Also, you need to figure out the food and beverage situation. You’re entering perilous waters, full of rocky shoals and hungry sea monsters. But don’t worry: MyLekki is here. We’ve identified common 5 party mistakes that party hosts make all the time. As long as you avoid these stuff, you’ll be just fine. You’ll throw a great party, and all your friends will love you forever, and all your enemies will rue the day they crossed you.

Have Enough Ice

This is the most common mistake party hosts make, which is frustrating because it’s really cheap and easy to rectify and ice is super important. If you have ice, you can make pretty much any simple mixed drink taste good: cold and dilution can make even straight whiskey or tequila palatable. When you throw a party, buy some bags of ice. More than you think you’ll need. It’s better to have leftovers — which keep pretty much forever — than to run out halfway through the night.

Have Enough Cups

This is almost as bad as, and even easier to fix than, not having enough ice. But we also understand it: You might think you should buy as many cups as there will be guests, plus maybe 20 percent for people who lose theirs. But the truth is that a good party will be so chaotic that many guests are likely to go through not one or two, but easily three or four cups. So buy a ton! Just be sure to recycle them the next day, or, better yet, wash and reuse them.

Have A High Ratio Of Mixers-To-Liquor

Here’s a common sight: You walk into a party, you go to the makeshift bar the host has set up on some credenza in their living room, and you see exactly as many bottles of juice or soda as there are bottles of liquor. This is wrong. Those mixers will run out. You should always provide at least three times as much mixer as liquor. Especially because there are bound to be some people who won’t want to drink alcohol, or much alcohol, and will want cups of plain Diet Coke or juice.

Serve Food

You don’t have to feed everyone at your party a full dinner – certainly not. But if you are serving alcohol, you must provide something to eat. Chips or a bowl of nuts, at least. Otherwise, people will get wasted far more quickly than you want them to — or, just as bad, they’ll leave when they get peckish.

Don’t Put All The Food And Drink In One Place

This is a subtle mistake that has moved countless parties to failure. Here’s why: If you put the beer, the liquor and the cake all on one table, or, God forbid, in your narrow kitchen, all your guests are going to congregate there. That’s a recipe for heat, discomfort, accidental pushing and early departures. Instead, if you have any space at all, spread the different types of comestibles throughout your home. That way, your guests will be forced to move around the party all night, and thereby be thrust into all sorts of the random encounters that are the lifeblood of a proper party.

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  1. Olumuyiwa George

    May 26, 2015 at 10:58 pm

    Hmm, never knew you were such a greaf host Tony All them event planners will love this one… Cheers bro. Great tips.

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