5 Things You Never Knew About Perfumes

The fragrance world is much more complex than many of us probably think it is, and there’s a bunch that people don’t know about perfumes. Before you drop a ton of money on a tiny bottle of something, check out these 5 awesome facts about perfume:

What The Heck Is The Difference Between Fragrances?

You’ve probably seen parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and eau de cologne and wondered what the heck the difference is. Parfums are more concentrated and last pretty much all day. They’re usually more expensive because they’re not as diluted. Eau de parfum is probably what you’ll see the most of; they contain less fragrance oil than parfum but are still potent. Eau de toilettes are your lighter fragrances; they don’t usually have as many fragrance notes and are often cheaper, but they’re good for hot weather and anyone who doesn’t like heavy fragrances. Eau de cologne is typically thought to be for men, but women can use them too! These are light like eau de toilette, but usually contain citrus notes because the first eau de cologne was originally made with citrus oils.

It Lasts Longer In Hair Than On Skin

Perfume actually fades more quickly on your skin than it does on your hair, which is more absorbent. If you have curly or thick hair, you’ll probably notice that it picks up different scents, like if you walk past a food cart or something. Hair retains fragrance longer than skin, but the alcohol in most perfumes can be quite drying on your hair so spritz sparingly.

It’s Expensive Because Of The Ingredients

Like I said before, there can be a ridiculous amount of ingredients in perfumes, which is part of why they are so expensive. Many fragrances contain rare ingredients like oils from flowers that only exist in certain places. Obtaining the ingredients is one of the most costly things about perfume. One of the other big factors is packaging. Things like body mists are going to run cheaper because they’re diluted and come in plastic bottles while actual perfumes come in fancy glass bottles that look kind of intimidating.

You Become Less Sensitive To Your Fragrance Over Time

If you’re wondering why your favourite perfume doesn’t smell as potent as it used to, it’s probably because your nose has got used to it. It’s kind of like how your house has a distinct smell that you don’t notice but guests do. Your body gets desensitised to your fragrance, but that doesn’t mean the scent is weaker so be careful when you’re spraying it on!

Scents Smell Differently On Everyone

Your best friend’s signature scent is going to smell totally different on you because of how the chemicals react to your skin. Everyone’s skin is different, and everyone has their own biological scent that reacts differently to fragrances. So that scent you love on your friend might not smell so great on you.

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