7 Signs You’re In The Right Relationship

Relationships are like anything else in life: some are great, some are just okay, and some are terrible. When you’re in the middle of a relationship and feelings and emotions are all mixed up, it can be hard to tell if it’s right, so-so, or needs to end ASAP. So how do you know if you’re with the right person?

Here are 7 signs you are in the right relationship:

You Push Yourselves to Be Better People

Your significant other shouldn’t just make you feel good about yourself, they should also make you want to be a better person. If you’re dating someone who holds you back out of selfish reasons or who discourages you from doing what you like because he/she doesn’t like it, that’s not good. If you’re with someone who’s your biggest cheerleader, that’s great.

You Feel Comfortable Being Yourself

If you feel okay with just being you, that’s a really good sign.

You Get Excited To See Each Other

It’s normal to sometimes feel bored together, but if you’re overall still excited to hang out and be together even after the honeymoon stage is over, that means you have a good relationship.

You Trust Him/Her

Genuine trust can be difficult to come by, but you’ll know when you really feel it for someone. Trust is such an essential part of a relationship, and if it’s not there, the relationship just can’t meet its full potential. But if it is there, then watch out, because you two can take over the world.

You’re both willing to Make Compromises for Each Other

If you’re both more than willing to put “we” before “me,” that’s only a good thing. It means that you truly do care about each other and your relationship, and that you’re willing to do what you have to make things work.

You Have a Good Time Even When You’re Doing Nothing

Think about how things are when you hang out with your partner. Do you guys only have a good time together when you’re out doing something exciting? Or can you have an equally good time just watching TV while you’re both also on the computer? If so, that’s good! Your relationship should be a balance of trying new things, but of also being able to be together and do absolutely nothing and just enjoy each other’s company.

S/He Is Your Best Friend

In every amazing relationship, one thing is the same: your significant other will be your best friend. He/she will be the person you can count on when you feel like you have no one else, the person you go to for advice, the person you cry with when you’re sad, and the person you can laugh with about the silliest stuff ever. If you can truly say your partner is your best friend, you’ve got something good.

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