8 fun healthy activities to do around Lekki Lagos

 8 fun healthy activities to do around Lekki Lagos!

There’s been a rise in the number of health conscious people in the republic. In fact, a large number of our audience falls into this category of people. When there’s a demand, you have to provide a need so we decided to come up with a list for people in the republic. This list of activities is not restricted to Lekki alone.  People in Ikoyi, Victoria Island Ajah and Lagos (island) as a whole can also partake.

8 fun healthy activities to do around Lekki Lagos. The article was prepared for Dr Julz who hosts health matters on Nigeria info 99.3 FM Lagos who hosted us and a few of our friends in the fitness space on her radio show.


This is a very popular activity among residents in Lekki as we have a high population of health conscious people around the republic.  The most common place to go jogging is the famous  Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge. On the Ajah axis, Monastery road Sango-tedo (close to Novare Lekki mall) is another hotspot to jog. If you are lucky, you might even get to meet the love of your life while jogging along these routes.

Dieting/healthy eating spots

One aspect of maintaining a healthy body is maintaining a healthy eating habit and watching what we put in our bodies. They’re quite a number of healthy eating spots in the republic. Some of these places include:  Green Grill House  located at 15 Wole Ariyo, Off Admiralty, Lekki. So Fresh NG, 92 Awolowo road Ikoyi, Simply Green Juices located at 7 Ibiyinka Olorunbe in Victoria Island.

Hitting the gym & using personal fitness trainers

There’s no need overemphasizing the importance of the gym. We already know the benefits of a good cardio/aerobic workout session for body building and healthy living. Some of our favourite gyms are iFitness, Gofitness both in Lekki. For better results, you can work with a personal trainer. Some of these personal trainers have agreed to give a discount to members of our community. If you’d like any of these personal trainers, our recommendations are: Capoeira Panda and Ebere Maduka.


The practice of using meditation and movement to be in control of our mind and bodies. The Yoga guest is Yoga Marleya who runs a yoga session at Breathe Studios in Lekki Phase 1. She’ll talk about the benefits of yoga and her upcoming yoga at the beach session.

Dance/Salsa classes

Popular Mexican restaurant LA Taverna Tex Mex holds Salsa classes on Wednesdays at 7PM with Mr Buddy Salsa. Checkout their website on Salsaartalive.com

Visit the beach

There are quite a couple of beaches you could go to enjoy the best of nature. Some of our favourites include: Elegushi beach, Attican Beach at Ajah.

Visit a leisure park

The Lekki conservation centre is a nice reserve where you can explore nature. It has a great collection of birds, fun games and a long canopy walk where you walk over the trees. The canopy walk is the longest in Africa and makes for an exciting adventure. On the Ajah axis, LUFASI PARK is also a great place to experience the beauty of nature.

Join a vibrant community with people of like minds

As humans, we’re social creatures and need regular interaction with people of like minds to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Which is why we created Lekki Republic for people who visit, live and work in Lekki, Ikoyi, Victoria Island & Ajah, Lagos to come together and network, do business and have fun. We talk about anything from fun things to do to the best places to eat and even the best schools to send your child.


If you own a business in the Republic, you can list your business on our business directory and have access to a great number of customers around your business.

Lekki Republic also organizes fun events and meetups for members of our online community to meet and connect in the real world. One of our events tagged “Groove Republica” will hold on the 24th of February at an exotic location in Lekki Phase 1. We want to make the experience special for everyone hence, we can only accommodate a few number of people. If you’d like to be a part of this event, contact us.


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