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12 affordable romantic date locations in Lagos

Whether you’re in Lekki or the mainland, looking for affordable date locations in Lagos, we’ve got something for you. Our friend the Big Wolf recently compiled a list of romantic spots in Lagos. These are cheap places to go on a date both on the Island and on the mainland.

Remember cheap is relative so you should do some more research on your own before whisking off your date to that cool spot in Lagos everyone has been talking about.

In Seun’s words, Lagos dates are not as expensive as you think. The problem is your creativity. Guys can learn from this too.

Can we get to the list already? Here we go.

  • Night at Twinwaters

Drive and make sure you park by the side facing the beach. Go upstairs and play some games at Rufus and Bee. Come back downstairs & sit in the car, eat your edibles and let the sea breeze kick in with a nice playlist in the background. A bottle would be nice.

  • Element House by Spektrum

Buy N5k tickets and go to Element House. To keep the cost low, carry your own whiskey flask and do Pre-drinks in the car before the party starts at midnight. She’d have the time of her life if she is fun.

  • Sea Food at Shark Express

Whatever you do, don’t buy a platter for 2. You can both eat meals and drinks for a reasonable amount. Make sure you sit close to the part that faces Lekki British International School. The breeze there is to die for.

  • Chills at Terra Kulture

Enjoy a stage play with N3k-5k tickets, go inside and eat nice Africanised food at very locked friendly prices.

  • Chills at Nok by Alara

Go there and ask for Kelewele. My bet is, she has never eaten anything like that before. If you’re lucky, there would be a band there performing.

  • Chills at The Vibe

As long as it is alcohol and Shisha you’re buying, you’re cool. You might be lucky enough to walk into a Cavemen or Adekunle Gold performance.

  • Chills at Lacibo
The music there is gbim gbim gbim. Food is very affordable. Same as drinks and you can get your IG photos there anytime, if that’s what you want.
  • Chills at The Cabin

Like Lacibo, this one is in Surulere, the heart of the mainland. Just go there on Sunday and thank me later. Order that peppery pasta and tell them to cut the turkey inside. Girls get free shots to.
  • Art Waka in Lekki
Go to Nike Art gallery, explore the art and snap all you want. Then you wanna check out the Lekki Art Market and buy a few things while you look around and test things you won’t pay for (it’s fun). By the time you’re done, you’re hungry af. You know what to do.
  • Pizza at Panarottis

This one no be bread and stew. Cheese actually yapa. If she is a mainland babe, chances are, she has never had such a good pizza before. Drive her there and enjoy sweetness.
  • Night Movie at IMAX
This one is easy. Go late and watch a mad action movie on the big screen. Buy some gelato from Hans & René while you wait for your movie. If she doesn’t want to cuddle during the movie, call me a bastard
  • 88 Division Officers Mess

This one would intrigue her if she is adventurous. You’d eat mad nkowrbi and co while watching different local talents show their skills. She go record IG stories tire cos it’s actually wild. Sweet thing, it’s in Ikoyi, so it’s clean.
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Source: Seun/Twitter.
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