Can't get into Andela? Here are 5 other places to learn how to code in Nigeria

As the tech sector continues to grow in Nigeria,  Computer programming and software engineering have become one of the most lucrative and high in demand careers for young Nigerians.

Even without a University degree, Programmers command a high salary scale (often in US Dollars), numerous work from home opportunities and greater chances of getting jobs that enables them travel abroad to  join huge tech companies in Europe and America.

Tweets showing opportunities for Nigerian techies in Europe

However, not a lot of people know how to start a career in tech or software programming. People want to learn how to code in Nigeria but do not know how to go about it.

One of the best places to learn how to code in Nigeria and Africa at large is Andela.  However getting into Andela is not easy because of their strict and rigorous application process. Less than 10% of people who apply to Andela actually get into the program.

If you applied to Andela and you were not accepted, that shouldn’t be the end of your computer engineering or software programming career.  Here are 4 other places you can learn how to code in Nigeria.

Some of them are free to enroll but you’ll be bound by contract to either stay with them for a given number of years after your program or pay off a certain amount of your salary for a given period. Others, you can pay to enroll and be free to move on after your training with them.

Apply to these other coding schools if you couldn’t get into Andela and with hardwork and commitment, you could be on your way to becoming a highly sought after techie/web developer/ software engineer in Nigeria.

  • Lambda School

Lambda School teaches people people to become a tech programmer in 9 months and helps you to secure a job at the end of your program. They offer trainings in fullstack web development, iOS development, android development, data science and UX design.Lambda School recently partnered with Paystack and some other Nigerian tech companies to launch the Africa pivot of the Lambda School program.Apply here.

  • Microverse

Microverse prides itself as the global school for remote software developers. According to their website: No matter where you are in the world, Microverse trains you to become a remote software developer and connects you with life-changing professional opportunities. The best part? You don’t pay anything until you get a job!

Microverse trains on HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Ruby, Rails, Github. Good thing is they also accept students from Nigeria but you must be able to commit to the program full time.

Apply here

  • Univelcity

Univelcity prides itself as a Computer School and IT Training institute in Lagos. They teach Python, front end, back end, UX and more. Their training fees start at N150,000. To apply contact them with the details below.

Call: 07036188527
  • Nesa by Makers

Located in the central tech hub of Yaba, they pride themselves as a New Economy Skills Accelerator. Home to, and school of Africa’s next generation of bold, innovative problem-solvers. Checkout their programs and apply here.


  • Git Girl

Gitgirl is a revolutionary academy that gives women the tools and training needed to kickstart their career in tech after 6-9 months of an immersive digital training. Gitgirl provides women with a community of like minded professionals looking to get the skills that pay the bills. They focus on well being, accountability partnerships, and giving you the motivation needed to achieve your goals.

Checkout Git girl here.

There you go. You now have all the resources to begin a career in tech from Nigeria. Take advantage of the numerous opportunities in the blooming tech scene now and position yourself for the jobs of the future.

If there are some other tech training programs available in Nigeria you think we may have omitted, kindly let us know in the comment area below.

If you have any specific questions about tech in Nigeria, or you need introductions into the tech industry, kindly reach out to me on Twitter @Delurge








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