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Checkout the best suya spot in Lekki

All ye suya lovers on the Island, come in here! I just found the best suya spot in Lekki.
Trust me, I’ve eaten a lot of suya in this Lagos and I usually rank them according to how they taste.
Apart from the ram suya that they sell at e-center road in Yaba, I’ve not really had suya this good in Lagos.
I know they said Glover Court suya is the best suya in Lagos but this obscure suya spot in Agungi, Lekki seems to beat them all, and here’s why I said so.
I’ve never driven down to go buy suya for the second time in one night (hmm.. have I?. .  I don’t remember oo) but omo, this suya is the bomb.
So it’s a Friday night and I, my guy and his girlfriend decide to our usual food spot where they sell food at night in Agungi.
We’re headed home and the babe says she wants some suya.
We spot 2 suya spots ahead right across from each other.
A tush stand called Suya Brothers with all the shiny bells and whistles in check and another aboki suya right opposite the place.
Guess the one people are flocking to? The aboki suya! I mean suya is street food right? So why hit a tush spot to get it when you can get the real deal from the real guy?
I’m bored so I don’t even hop off the car. I let the lover boy and his GF decide on what spot their suya.
To my amazement, they hit the street spot.
Anyway, we take the suya back to the apartment and I almost did not eat.
In my mind, I’m thinking it’s just like all the bland Lagos suya I’ve eaten in the past but omo, when I tasted it, men, it just hit the right spot!
I can’t even describe the taste here.
The meat was soft, dripping, and spiced perfectly. It was melting in my mouth and all of us were just saying Mmmmm, wooowwww, niiiceeee!
I’ve never tasted suya so good in Lagos. It seemed like the charcoal smoked beef, oil and spices decided to blend in perfect harmony.
I used to think the ram suya in Yaba is the best but this aboki suya spot in Agungi (right opposite the suya brothers stand) is the best one for me o.
I had to go back again that same night for more and just to be sure, I asked the aboki if this was ram suya and he said no, it’s beef.
I was so impressed with it that I decided to share my experience as I know people will be searching for the best suya spot in Lekki.
I’d like you to try it out and come back here and tell me your experience.
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By the way, where are your favourite suya spots in Lekki? Feel free to share in the comments section.
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