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Cycling in Lagos: Nasean shares her experience

Who would have thought riding a bicycle in Lagos could be fun and at the same time so technical?  I cycled around Lagos Island with a group called Bikaholics of Lagos powered by Nothing to do in Lagos! It was a fantastic team with a good mix of people.

For those of us who don’t have personal bikes, we rented a bike at the price of  N 3,000 Naira from Bayo Kuku, then went off to the meeting point and introduced ourselves.  We were then given the planned routes.

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Our trip started early in the morning from Glover court in Ikoyi to FALOMO Bridge.  Gosh ascending with a bike is one of the hardest tasks ever!  That was when I realized I had to use my gear though I was not sure how it works.


A group of us under Falomo bridge

I got to know riding as a kid and as an adult is different. My legs were killing me as I struggled with ascending the Lagos bridges.  One of the riders then told me releasing the gear makes it easier to climb.

Oh by the way Nigerians being Nigerians have no respect for riders. A few people were nice at Ikoyi — Victoria Island Axis but Marina and Lagos Island was where the war started.  We had to dodge humans – I mean a lot of humans due to the Sallah celebrations that was going on in Lagos Island.

We finally stopped at a Cricket pitch for a picnic break where we found out cricket games is played between 7am to 6pm by different teams on Sundays.  We cheered them up and they were kind to share their tents, drinks and snacks with us.

Cricket game in Lagos. Photo source: Nigerian Cricket Foundation

It was really nice to rest and watch them play. We all began to talk about various sports and then played board games until the rain showed up and made us run inside the tents and focus on the cricket game at hand that I barely knew anything about.

Of course we took pictures and thanked the hosts and it was time to mount our bikes and proceed on our cycling journey.


Cycling in Lagos

We continued towards Awolowo road in Ikoyi.  By this time, Lagos was awake and we had to be extra aware while riding.  At this point, my butt was sore and hurting like hell from hopping on all the gallops on Lagos roads!

I tried as much as possible to get off the Alfred Rilwan highway and head back to return the bicycle.

By now, I was sure I had lost some KGs especially from riding on FALOMO bridge, Bonny camp bridge and Marina bridge but my favorite part was descending from the Marina bridge to the Cathedral where you get to play with your breaks a bit more to control speed and increase your gear.

rent bicycle lagos

Myself – a happy bicycle rider

I now intend to ride more often. The Man who rents the bikes said it gets better as you ride more and advised I increase the height of my sit to help with my posture in order to ride better. He also said it works on the tummy as well. For all those looking to shed some tummy fat, this is for you!

We exchanged numbers to exchange photos and other fun ideas. Some of us were meeting for the first time.

I got home totally worn out and feeling (well you can imagine). I  showered, ate and passed on at the bed. After 4 hours I must say I felt so good and light but my butt was still sore.

See pictures and videos of my experience captured by onalaja_

outdoor-sports-lagos fun-things-to-do-in-lagos

Route taken Ikoyi Glover court — Alfred Rilwan — FALOMO bridge — Akin Adesola- Adeola Odeku — Bonny camp- —  MUSON Center— Marina — Lagos Island — Awolowo road — Alfred Rilwan — Glover court.

I hope to try Third Mainland Bridge someday!


Nasean is an adventure lover, a foodie and globetrotter. Follow her on Instagram @Nnazean

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