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Here are the outlets you can buy SoYummy popcorn in Lekki

I’m not a big popcorn lover and I thought there were a lot of people like me until I came across SoYummy popcorn.


The first time I had a taste, I got several packs and gave some to my colleagues at the office. Although I thought it was too sweet for my liking, all of my colleagues whom I gave the popcorn actually loved it, making me feel like the odd one. Hmm!

Since that time, I’ve seen the So Yummy popcorn brand grow and become a popstar popcorn lol. I recall vividly two instances which made me realize just how endeared people are with this caramel popcorn in Lagos.

First, a friend of mine by name Dun Dun  told me about this nice caramel popcorn she had the other day and when I asked ‘was it soYummy?’ she replied: ‘absolutely!‘. I then promised to get her a few more packs.  Some days later, my colleague Edward walked into the office complaining about being hungry. He then left and returned munching a pack of So Yummy popcorn. “Men, I got this from Dami, and it feels so good I was almost shaking due to hunger and this popcorn came to my rescue” – he said.

This made me remember the promise I made earlier to Dun Dun about getting her some packs of her newly discovered favourite popcorn.

I and Edward then hit the streets that evening to get some packs. Unfortunately upon getting to the popular Ebeano supermarket in Lekki Phase 1, known to always have it in supply, they were out of stock. I somehow found myself Googling ‘where to buy soyummy popcorn in Lekki Phase 1.’

Funny right? in that moment, I knew there were other people also searching for the same thing. I then decided to put this list together.

Oh and back to Dun Dun, I finally managed to get her about 10 packs of SoYummy popcorn after searching 2 other supermarkets in Lekki. What eventually happened to them? That’s a story for another day. Dun Dun, hope you’ll understand… lol.

Anyway, here are all the outlets you can buy SoYummy popcorn in Lekki.

Baykins  Pharmacy: 18b Palace road Oniru Estate

Ebeano supermarket: T.F. Kuboye Street, Oniru , Lekki phase 1 & Chevron Drive, Lekki

Daytona supermarket: Admiralty road, Lekki

Irikpen pharmacy and stores LEKKI phase 1 ground floor ,   Brasas Plaza , 15 Victoria arobieke   admiralty way

Pills and tabs supermarket: No44 Oba Yekini Elegushi street Ikate Lekki.

Greenmall Supermart:  Plot 1, Udeco Medical Road, Chevy View Estate, Chevron Drive Lekki

Mandy supermarket: 12 Ajiran road Agungi Lekki, Lagos.

Sweet Kiwi:  Admiralty Way Lekki Phase 1

Sweet Sensation: Pinnacle Petrol Station, 2nd roundabout Lekki


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