Commuters get stranded as fuel scarcity continues in Lagos

The hustle to get to work this morning wasn’t a pretty one due to the fuel scarcity. Yes, the fuel scarcity! I had to emphasize that because a man was on the queue with me and kept saying he had no idea why there were no buses. Shocking but true and shows how insensitive some of us are to the happenings in the nation.

I got out of my house at about 6:30 am this morning to begin the journey to somewhere in Surulere for some work related activities and first, I had to take the long walk out of the streets into the major bus stop before I could see any sign of bikes. Fortunately, there was a trickle of bikes here and there but at a very expensive rate. I would take a bike from Akute junction to Berger for 300 Naira but had to pay an extra 100 Naira to make that happen.

On getting to Berger, the queues just demoralized me as not only where there no buses, the queues were unending and when any of them came, it was at least a hundred Naira more. I stayed on that queue for almost half an hour before I sighted the first bus which unfortunately did not accommodate me until the next bus came my way.

Not only was there no bus and the fares were higher, the traffic wasn’t pretty at all owing to the fact that owners of vehicles had to queue at fuel station and they spilled into the roads. This is nit peculiar to just those of us on the mainland as a trip to the Island yesterday was about the same story of no fuel, dry roads and long queues at fuel stations.

What is your situation?

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