The Complete Guide to Living In Lekki

Overview of Lekki

Nestled to the east of Lagos state Nigeria, Lekki has an undeniable allure. While there are no towering skyscrapers found in cities like New York, Lekki offers popular beaches, vibrant nightlife and a rich array of entertainment options. If you fancy living in a neighbourhood surrounded by water, beaches, scenic beauty, a good road network and a rich assortment of entertainment, then Lekki is the place to live. It’s safe for families with children, young couples, singles and those with a taste for spontaneity. Due to its location, Lekki is characterised by breezy mornings, sunny afternoons and cool evenings.


Map of Lekki

History of Lekki

According to Wikepedia, Lekki was once a slum known as Maroko. Most of Lekki has morphed into a modern gentrified neighbourhood. Lekki Phase 2, however, is still largely under construction. As it stands in 2017, only Lekki Phase 1 of the project has been completed, with Phase 2 nearing completion. The area is occupied by several estates of gated residential developments; with an airport, a golf course and a sea port under construction in the Ibeju Lekki area.



Lekki is a new urban neighbourhood and a splendid choice for residential living as well as business establishments. It is known for its serenity, good connectivity, fundamental social amenities, tourist attraction sites and a vibrant nightlife.

A typical street in Lekki Phase 1

Who Lives in Lekki?

The neighbourhood is home to mid-to-high income earners who have either bought property or are renting apartments. The quiet atmosphere in Lekki offers the great mix of a homely locality for families, and entertainment for those who seek it.

A family having fun at a Lekki recreational centre

Essential Amenities

As one of the top neighbourhoods in Lagos, Lekki has a wealth of amenities to offer its residents and visitors.


Some of the best schools in Lagos are located in Lekki, ranging from international schools such as; the British International School, Canterbury International School and Italian International School, to local educational institutions such as Whitesands School, Imperial Gate School and Dowen College.

The British International School has been described as being “the most modern school in Lagos.” The school grounds are often used to host football tournaments and competitions over the weekends and during summer holidays. Checkout a list of Schools in Lekki.

Libraries, Coworking Spaces & Study Rooms

The Lekki community supports supplementary learning activities by ensuring students get facilities to further what they learn in school. Such facilities include libraries and study rooms like Liam & Noel’s book club/Library, Cap squa (Capital Square), Lean Hub/Library, Stranger Lagos, and Eden Healthy Life Center. Checkout some coworking spaces here and here.

Capsquare (coworking space in Lekki)

Healthcare Providers

Looking at the many options for medical establishments in Lekki, residents can be assured of quality medical services. There are general hospitals like Britannia Hospital, Anna Maria Hospital, Belmont Dental Clinic, First City Hospital and Diagnosis and Feetal Diagnosis Clinic as well as specialist medical providers like Medison Specialist Women’s Hospital and The Premier Specialist Medical Centre. See hospitals in Lekki here.


Any progressive neighbourhood always has mechanisms in place to cater for its less fortunate members. Lekki does not neglect this responsibility as seen in the number of orphanages within Lekki Phase 1 and Lekki Phase 2. From Peculiar Saints Orphanage, Sought After Women And Children Foundation and Friends Of Jesus Orphanage to Sisters Unite Skill Centre, Arrow Of God Orphanage and Motherless Babies Home.

We’re also an online community for Lekki residents. See Lekki Republic Instagram.

Food and Drinks

Lekki offers a rich spread of options to locals and tourists alike who want to get in touch with local or continental delicacies. It’s not just about the food as Lekki also hosts a wide array of restaurants, bars and hotels.

The Bubble Tii bar is located in the heart of Lekki phase 1; a location that was picked due to the diversity of the people in the area. The founder of Bubble Tii, which launched in 2015. Ms Tokunbo Sotinwa has been able to successfully create a sensation and awareness in Lagos for beverage concept, known as bubble tea. She recently embarked on a journey to establish bubble tea as the alternative drink/snack of preference in Lagos.

The night in Lekki comes alive with nightclubs spread all over the neighbourhood. Posh clubs within the district include Rhapsody’s, Wind Lounge and Sailor’s Lounge. Prominent spots like Ice Cream Factory, Domino’s Pizza, Bay Lounge, Mega Chicken, The Bank and, The Place and Road Chef hold a promise of sweet offerings.

How to Get Around in Lekki

It is easy and convenient to move around in Lekki due to the expansive road network that stretches all through the Lekki-Epe Expressway to the streets, drives and avenues within the district. The presence of law enforcement agents like the police, LASTMA (Lagos State Traffic Management Agency) help preserve the safety of the neighbourhood around the clock. There are several options to get around Lekki:

By Commercial Bus: There is a network of white buses that make your ride through Lekki and neighbouring districts convenient. To board these buses, the Lekki-Epe Expressway is one of the entry points into Lekki. The other being the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge.

By Motorcycles: Commercial motorcycles, Okada, are a major feature and means of transportation within Lekki especially for residents or visitors who want to beat the traffic.

Important to Note: It is not advisable to use motorcycles on the highways. However, they serve the purpose of quick transportation well but operate with restrictions within the Lekki district.

By Car: Those with personal cars can thank the Lekki-Epe Expressway for the pleasurable experience, especially during off-peak hours where traffic is smooth. The Lekki-Epe Expressway stretches all the way to Epe. Admiralty Way remains one of the popular roads in Lekki Phase 1 as it connects Bisola Durosinmi Etti Drive, Adebayo Doherty Drive and Freedom Way.

By Uber/Cabs/Taxis: Taxis are a popular means of transportation in Lekki. There are different types of taxis that operate within the neighbourhood. The ‘yellow cabs’ as they are called can be hailed as you step out of your home and walk towards any major road in Lekki. They are privately owned taxis. With these cabs, the rates are not fixed and you have to haggle before you board one. Also available are the government controlled taxis also known as the Metrocab. These are black with a 4-colour stripe of red, blue, yellow and green (the official colours of the Lagos State government) that stretches from the front of the car to its rear. Like the ‘yellow cabs,’ you also have to negotiate your fare before the ride.

Uber is another popular type of taxi system used in Lekki. Unlike the ‘yellow cab’ and the metro cab, you have to request a ride via the Uber app. Besides the Uber, there are other taxis that operate a similar system. They include OgaTaxi, Taxify and Easy Taxi.

By Boat: The waterways that encircle the neighbourhood offer a great option for those who prefer boat rides and ferries to moving around Lekki’s road network. Water transportation is a suitable option for those who work in Lekki but live on the mainland and often opt for ferry rides to work and back home. For those who cannot bear the heat of traffic congestion, the waterways provide a great alternative.


If you are an outdoors kind of person, then this neighbourhood would be a paradise for you. Interested in playing football? Fun Turf on Admiralty Way has an artificial pitch with wired walls to fill this void. Outdoor attractions like The VGC Recreation Club, Omu ResortLekki Conservation CentreFun FactoryElegushi Beach, Lekki Leisure Lake, Iron Bar Fitness and the Nike Art Gallery. Lekki also has amazing public swimming pools for those interested in taking a dive. If you have a thing for boat rides, different membership packages await you at BICS Boat Club and others within the district.


For ardent shoppers, Lekki is the ultimate paradise with a wide range of options for your shopping experience. If you love a bargain, Shoprite, located inside Circle Mall is one of the biggest malls in Lekki and is known for its wholesale prices.

Did You Know?

The Lekki-Ikoyi bridge is the first cable-stayed bridge in West Africa?


Are you looking to buy or rent property in Lekki? Whether you’re looking for a self-contained apartment, or you are moving in with a family that requires larger space, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Want to invest in Lekki? See lands to buy in Lekki.

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