Date Ideas for this Valentine Season

Since tis the season for love, we have decided to come through for you unromantic lot, so we are going to give you a couple of date ideas and things to do with your significant other, and places to do them in the republic.

People have this popular misconception that you need to spend a lot of money before you can be seen as being romantic, and though expensive taste is usually flattering, it often misses the point of dating which is for getting to know a love interest, and sharing experiences throughout a relationship. So the more thoughtful and intimate, the better. I am not saying you shouldn’t go all out for your girl or man but if you took time to listen to your significant other you wouldn’t have to over compensate by breaking the bank (just saying). The key to a great date is knowing what your significant other is interested in, this also helps with getting gifts and trust me when i say that this will mean a lot more to who you’re dating than a flashy gift (well, unless the person has expensive taste sha).

So let me dive into it


A park

This is for those that are just looking to chill, relax and enjoy nature. A picnic at the park is a great idea for a date; there are fewer ways to get to know someone better than one on one time and a park is a great location for this. You get to take pictures, eat, enjoy nature and the best part, the whole day may not cost you up to 5 Thousand naira. This is a low budget date and is recommended for those that are strapped for cash or still in the early stages of their relationship , it is a great opportunity to get to know each other well and it could go a long way and determine the course of their relationship.

Click here for a list of parks you can visit


A Beach


Another great way to spend the day is at the beach, all you need is the right company and you’re good to go and is a great idea for a double date. Get a couple of drinks, ride a horse maybe, play in the sand, get your feet wet, and take that long walk on the beach we always hear them talk about. Here’s a couple of beaches you can visit beaches like; Elegushi, Atican, Alpha, Lekki Resort, Tarkwa bay, Eleko, Ilashe, La Campagne Tropicana and Lekki Leisure lake amongst others.

Art Gallery

This is for my fellow artsy people who appreciate art and always see a deeper and more intimate meaning to art work. You know your girl is a fan of art and appreciates the beauty in the imitation of life then this is how you two could spend your day, you can even go as far as getting an art work, something you noticed your significant other is in love with and put it up in your house as a reminder of the occasion and the love you share together. You should definitely check out our list of galleries

Dinner and Drinks


In my opinion, this is the ultimate date night, nothing beats getting dolled up and looking sharp to enjoy the company of your significant other over a delicious meal and drinks at a fancy restaurant of your choice. This can be recommended at all stages in a relationship from inception to proposal, even post wedding. It is the best way to know each others interest and know how compatible you are with each other. Highly recommended for those dating “foodies”.

Checkout these Restaurants and Bars in the republic.


See a Movie or Play

Go to the cinema, pick a movie, get snacks and enjoy each others company, you can even cuddle up to each other or you could watch a play at any of the known  theaters, just pick a show  you’d  both be interested in and proceed to make memories together.


Do not play yourself, get your significant other a gift, like I said earlier, it doesn’t have to break your bank. Most times it is the thought that counts. Guys perform grand gestures for your girl, and Ladies please Edakun it is 2018; Boxers, Singlet and Sex are not ideal gifts, you can do better.

You are welcome

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