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Always been a fan of beaches, I just love the idea of being at one with nature, breeze in my hair, legs buried in sand, calmness of the ocean and the sun in my face, it’s the little things that grant me peace and tranquility.

I belong to an adventure group (yes, those exist in Nigeria) and we basically organize outings and events in an attempt to escape from either boring or stressful nature of our personal lives, we mostly engage in physical activities and turn the fxxp up.

My story begins when we start organizing our next outing, it has been a while and one of the members suggest we have a picnic outdoors, I loved the idea, after a long week at the office it would be a great way to relax so I let them know I’m in full support, after a few minutes of debating we agreed that we would pick a beach as the venue, then someone suggested we try Prime beach, I must admit that I was skeptical at first because I had never heard of the place before but after a while peer pressure got the best of me.

Work kept stressing me but at least I had something to look forward to, so fast forward to Saturday, I was excited, I haven’t seen these wacky people in a while and I must admit I missed them a little (just a little *rolling my eyes*). We plan to meet up in Lekki and off course Nigerians must come late. After hours of waiting we lost patience and decided to set out nowhere near the number of people we were expecting.

On driving into the beach, I was amazed at how neat it was, though it might be due to its size because it is smaller than most beaches I had been to in Lagos but I must still commend the management for doing an amazing job in maintaining the beach. Since we made reservations, they escorted us to what I could describe as huts at close to the shore of the beach where they offered us board games, set up the volleyball net and provided a ball. I was extremely impressed.

While waiting for the others we decided to play board games, the more people came, the more activities we engaged, before you know we’re all staggering from drinking games and having the time of our lives, taking pictures, eating barbecue, playing with the ball and for a moment forgetting all the issues we had going on.

Was a beautiful experience and a much-needed break, I recommend for those looking to have a private outing at the beach, Prime Beach is the place to be. Click here for more information

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