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The Eazi Experience: My review of Mr Eazi's 'Life is Eazi concert'

I was given the opportunity to attend the “Life is Eazi” concert which held at the Landmark Event Centre on Wednesday the 21st of December. And it was a “chilled” event and I had an amazing time. So I am going to provide a review and major highlights for those that couldn’t be there.

The Coordination and Arrangement:

                                                                                 Mr Eazi arriving stage. Image courtesy:

The event was well coordinated, from the parking of cars to the setup of the concert. It had the red carpet right in-front of the entrance to the building which had one entrance and one exit then on entering the building it was further divided into different sections with regular close to the stage and the VIP sections at the back. The security was on point, strict yet polite in terms of managing the crowd and weren’t afraid to use force when they felt the need to, which prevented a couple of altercations.

Nigerian time: I know this is a concept majority of us are familiar with, in simple terms; it’s the habit we Nigerians have of coming to an event much later than what you would call being “fashionably late”. This was on both parts, the audience arriving late and the organizers taking their time to start the show; the show was meant to start by 7 but didn’t kick off fully till about 11.

The “get together vibe”:

Not sure if it is because Mr Eazi had a particular type of crowd/fan-base but the concert felt like a social gathering where people kept running into familiar faces which was great because a lot of people seemed to be having a good time either jamming to the music or hanging out with friends of theirs.

The Performances:

Majority of the performances were energetic and well organized, from the sound, to the effects and even the dancers, and there was no moment where the stage looked over crowded (which is common at Nigerian concerts). The different concepts of the concert were well executed; the use of live band to add a sense of unpredictability (in the sense of not knowing what song would be performed next) and originality to the performances, the promotion of upcoming artistes, and the idea of bringing Mr Eazi’s Ghanian and Nigerian aspects of his music together. Also the generosity of the performing artistes during the course of the show; Falz giving out his jacket to a lucky fan and Mr Eazi bringing a boy on stage to perform with him then giving his clothes and accessories.

The Turn out:

                                                                        Image courtesy:

The crowd was really impressive in terms of number almost making it impossible to get in at first due to traffic coming from the venue. The show itself wasn’t too rowdy due to how well coordinated and organized it was, except in some particular areas. The audience was very active (singing along, dancing, screaming e.t.c) for most of the night which promoted a live atmosphere and contributed to the fun experience.

Have to say it was a fun experience and I will be looking forward to another one of its kind.

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