Eko Atlantic City Developers Unveil Mobile App To Monitor Progress

Messrs South Energyx Nigeria Limited, developers of the Eko Atlantic city, the emerging real estate wonder  springing from the reclaimed waters of the Atlantic Ocean  (bar beach) in Victoria Island have announced the lunch of a new mobile app that will enable users view the ongoing work in the mega project.

The app which runs on Augmented Reality technology displays a digitally enhanced view of objects or locations. Using the camera and sensors in a smartphone or tablet, AR adds layers of digital information – videos, photos, sounds, graphics or GPS data.

ommunication consultant to Eko Atlantic City Brent Sadler said ‘The pre-launch app is a curtain raiser for what comes next. What you can see with the app now takes the visibility of Eko Atlantic to an entirely new level. But we are going to make the app even better, smarter and more interactive“.

Already, first residential and commercial tower blocks under construction can be seen during the day from Ahmadu Bello Way on Victoria Island and the Marina on Lagos Island and in December, the builders announced its new road and lightning to the delight of real estate enthusiasts in Lagos.

Eko atlantic is expected to rival any world class city from New York, London, Paris, Beijing or Johannesburg. What do you think of the ongoing project? Please share your thoughts.


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  2. Olanipekun Adebayo Raphael

    April 5, 2015 at 1:09 pm

    I am a keen follower of the great work of eko Atlantic city since inception.
    I applause the brain behind this noble venture. However I would love what has been pencil down on the drawing should translate into reality. I want to see real high rise buildings up to 100 and above floors. Presently there is no high rise buildings in Lagos when compare to city like new York, Dubai etc.
    This will definitely change our collective look.

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