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Filmhouse set to launch MX4D Cinema at Landmark Lagos

Filmhouse Cinemas has grown to become one of the lifestyle brands I admire in Nigeria. They’re always expanding and  innovating. First it was IMAX, now they’re set to launch an MX4D cinema at the popular Landmark Boulevard, one of the most popular events and leisure hot spots in Lagos.

According to Filmhouse cinemas, this is the first #MX4D screen in West Africa. Myself alongside some selected guests had the privilege of experiencing the Filmhouse MX4D cinema before its opening to the general public.  I must say I was impressed.

The place had a great ambiance, and the movie was quite engaging as you could physically feel some of the effects happening in the movie.

Voop! You would feel breeze whooze past your ear when a shot is fired, your chair would vibrate when a car is swerving and the room will fill with smoke and some smell when something is burning in the movie. Cool right?

However, I feel like the effects were not so much in sync with the actual happenings inside the movie. While I had a great time, the MX4D experience didn’t feel as immersive as the 3D movie experience I had a few years ago.

In that one, I was handed glasses and asked to use a seat belt and my seat was bumping, swerving and turning like I was actually the one riding the train in the movie. I felt like I could have fallen down without the seat belt.

However, the MX4D experience felt like I was watching a movie with some occasional sharp breeze in my ear, tingling sensation on my feet , some ruffling of the chair and then the occasional smoke effect in the room.

However, a lot of movie lovers in Lagos are going to love the new MX4D experience – the first in West Africa they say.

By the way Landmark Boulevard is arguably becoming the hottest entertainment and lifestyle centre in Lagos.  Apart from the popular event centre it was known for plus Hard Rock Cafe, Shiiro Lagos and the GT Bank event venue, it now houses the Lanmark beach, A hotel, Office apartments and  so many other cool lifestyle brands.

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