General Muhammed Buhari Comes Out Victorious

Written By Oma Ehiri

It is a new day for Nigerians as we experienced one of the most peaceful elections and hope for a peaceful transition come May 29th, 2015.

The election which took place on the 28th of March 2015 saw the true test of demoracy as the incumbent party allowed the people’s votes to count, refusing to rig the elections and saw a land slide victory for the All Progressive Congress whose candidate is General Muhammed Buhari.

The President of the country, Goodluck Jonathan has addressed Nigerians this morning asking that we remain calm and accept the results of the election as he concedes to victory. His actions are quite commendable as it shows that he is a man of honour full of wisdom. A man who has chosen to put aside his selfish gains and allow the interest of the majority of  Nigerians to reign supreme.

There are also a number of lessons to learn from the elections such as the need to stay consistent at whatever your ambitions are putting into consideration the advice of others and learning from our past. Also, it goes to show that the people have become democratically enlightened and will not allow the Government to take them for granted ever again.

Congratulatory messages and calls have gone out to the President elect from even his opponents in the race and we hope that now, he realises that he is to serve Nigerians and not just his party. We are proud of N igerians as we hope for a better Gubernatorial election come April 11th, 2015.

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