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Happy birthday to Eva Etese, founder Festac Online

Eva Etese (Founder

Happy birthday Eva Etese founder Festac Online!

I’m usually shy hence the reason why I stay mostly behind the scenes. Apart from my close friends, only a few people know the person behind the Lekki Republic brand.

I love to stay low low even though I love to and know how to build tribes using social media. But then I’ve noticed a trend. The darlings of new media from the famous Linda Ikeji to Olori Supergal and Chude & Debola of Red Media and even Bankole & Seyi Taylor of Tech Cabal/Big Cabal all took the courage to step in the limelight and face their fears.

It’s the same thing for influencers like Demola Expoze, Chiamaka Obikwe of the Social Prefect fame and Evans Akanno of Cregital.

These are all young people I admire. However, today, 7th August 2017, I celebrate my friend Eva Etese of Festac Online.

I had Eva on my BBM list while she was doing her masters in the UK, however, we met in person for the first time at the 2015 edition of the popular Social Media Week in Lagos.

From there we struck an amazing friendship. I’ve been a sounding board for her ideas, a business strategist, adviser and motivator to her even though these days she accuses me of no longer being there for her like I used to.

Anyway, Eva is quite an entreprising lady, dogmatic and goal oriented. While she’s a great lady, I sometimes see her as annoying sometimes (just the way she sees me too) lol. That’s how friends are right?

Anyway, I celebrate you today Eva. It’s your special day and I wish you all the great things that you desire.

Festac Online will become bigger than you imagined and the fruits of your labour will pay off. By the way, here’s a post she wrote about her experience in the Republic.

Check out more photos of Eva below…

Why am I writing all these? I believe talking about my friends (of course in good light) will help me come out of my shell. lol. However, it is only right that we as City/hyperlocal bloggers in Lagos, Nigeria continue to support each other and encourage collaboration among the new media practitioners and other tech startup founders in the Nigerian/African ecosystem.

Feel free to wish Eva a happy birthday. If you got any insights from this article or there’s something you’d love to say to me, kindly leave a comment. I will be glad to hear from you.

Want to reach out to me directly? Fell free to reach me on hello {at} Lekki Republic [dot] com. Will be glad to hear from you.  Let’s keep the conversation going.



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