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Hard Rock Cafe Lagos: A review

Editor’s note: If you are looking for cool and fun things to do in Lekki but you don’t have a large budget, you are at the right as our experienced Lagos explorer and Lekki Republic contributor Tope Omamegbe offers some cool advice while at the same time sharing a review of her experience at The Hard Rock Cafe in Lagos. Enjoy!

There are a number of hangouts and fun places littering Lagos city. But, the fear of expenses most times is the beginning of wisdom.  However, there are ways and places where we can still have fun and manage the funds that we have.

ADVICE: Know your limit: before a hangout, plan your finances. Know exactly how much you would want to spend and know how much over it you are willing (and able) to go in the event of any added cost.

The mistake we make is that we just go out without putting any real thought into what we are about to do. We do not need to rush out when friends say or ask for a hangout if you do not have the means to do so. It’s either that, or you mind your spending when you do hang out. It’s not compulsory to spend like your peeps, spend according to your means please!

It’s necessary to cut your coat according to the size of your scissors. Hilarious isn’t it? Yet it is the basic truth.

That aside, let’s look into a few places that you can have fun and how you can spend reasonably (as an individual or as a group).


First up, is Hard Rock Cafe located at Plot 3 & 4, Block XVI Oniru estate, near landmark centre, Lagos and has a rock n roll feel to the atmosphere with pieces of rock and roll history hanging all around, you are treated to a different atmosphere backed up with either a DJ or live performances.

Now, HRC Lagos has a high class feel in the atmosphere but it is very possible to have a good time there on a budget

  1. Number in group: 5
  2. Meal: A platter + one bottle of sparkling wine + one serving of Tajitas
  3. Cool atmosphere + music

Total cost: N25, 000

That is for a group. For an individual, you can spend within 3000 to 5000 naira in a night and even less. A hangout must not include a full out feast! You can do just a drink and relax and not go out on an eating spree if you cannot.

There you go, you have an idea as to what and how to do to have fun and still watch you’re spending. Watch out for more exciting places…..Tajmao out!

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Tope Omamegbe loves to chronicle her experiences in the vibrant city of Lagos. She’s also a contributor to

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