How to really be successful on Instagram, as revealed by Yahoo

If you want to start getting noticed on Instagram, then you need to up your filter game.

According to new research, filtered images are 21 per cent more likely to get views on social media, and 45 per cent more likely to receive comments.

But not all filters are equal. Warmer looking filters, such as ‘Mayfair’ get the best results, while colder ones have less of an impact.

Meanwhile, saturation effects can cause slightly lower views than the original, and age effects generate less comments.

This is according to a study by Yahoo Labs in a new paper titled ‘Why We Filter Our Photos and How It Impacts Engagement.’

The team looked at 7.6 million photographs on Flickr, and found an overwhelming preference for filters based the number of comments and views they generated.


You can now search hashtags on Instagram without writing a single word.

As of last month, users can post, explore other people’s photos and interact with captions using just emoji.

Emoji hashtags work with single emoji, multiple emoji or can be combined with text.

Over the past few years, emoji have become part of a universal visual language.

On Instagram, emojis now work within hashtags, so you can add them to your posts, search for them on the Explore page, and tap on them in captions.’

Emoji are popular in the Instagram community, with nearly half of Instagram captions already featuring the small pictures.

The most popular emoji on Instagram site is the crying with laughter face, followed by the face with love hearts for eyes and blowing a kiss emoji.

All of the photos studied were uploaded to Flickr by a mobile phone and 4.1 million of them from the Instagram app.

‘We find two groups of serious and casual photographers among filter users,’ write the researchers at Yahoo Labs.

‘The serious see filters as correction tools and prefer milder effects. Casual photographers, by contrast, use filters to significantly transform their photos with bolder effects.’

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Overall, ‘warm temperatures, higher contrast, and higher exposure increase chances of receiving [both] views and comments.’

The research contradicts a previous study which found that colder-coloured shots are more popular.

Analytics firm Curalate found blue-tinted images received 24 per cent more likes than images where the predominant colour was red or orange.

Equally, posts with a high proportion of background space attracted 29 per cent more likes than images that were closely cropped.

Lighter photos were more popular than darker photos, by 24 per cent, and highly textured photos got more attention than flatter snaps, by almost 80 per cent.

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