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Why I choose to live in the moment

If someone walked up you and said: list your prized possession in order of first priority, what would it be? For me, It would be; God, family and my phone.


God and family, you may understand. Phone? Not so much. You see, as a writer I had the habit of scribbling on whatever I could find. Paper, books , napkins, anything at all I could use to store up an idea, but it turned out to be counter-productive, since I ended up loosing most of those papers.

Later on, I couldn’t stand writing with a paper and biro, so I graduated to a laptop. Soon a laptop was inconvenient. It was too big to carry around. The next best thing was my phone, and boy has it been helpful.

My phone is small and portable. Every single thing I’ve written is on my phone. Backed up, of course.

However, the reason for this article is not to talk about my phone, but the plans we make in our lives.

The other day from work, I was at Ajah junction waiting for a keke to take me home.

I found none.

It was rush hour, and there were many people eager to get home, plus the traffic. I had jotted a few ideas at work on my phone, and I was eager to get to, but my phone had died.

I was already planning : When you get home, charge your phone, get food to eat, rest for a while and get to work.

Fortunately, a man with his family gave me a ride, and I was happy to hop in. However, while I was diddling and dadding with what to do in my head, my phone was busy slipping off my bag, and landing at the edge of the seat .

I didn’t know, until I got home and I needed to charge my phone. Needless to say, I freaked out.

What would I do? My phone! My work! My life, every single thing.

Anyway, long story short, I got it back! The owner of the car saw it, charged my phone, and arranged for me to pick it up when I kept calling the phone in hopes he found it.

It’s a good thing , God is  my first priority on that list, aii?

My point here is, the only thing we really have as human beings is the actual moment we exist in. Anything after that, is us crossing our fingers. We plan, but you can never predict the future. Anything can happen.

You must do the little you can, with the little you have.

So why am I such in a reflective mood today?  I guess because today is a holiday. Lol.

Happy holidays people! It’s back to work tomorrow.


Amynah Dauda considers herself first as a writer, then a lawyer. A law graduate from Igbinedion university, she loves to sink her head in whatever book she can find. She occasionally writes fiction and prose, some of which have been published on African writers.com and coal.  She is currently undergoing training in scriptwriting, and prays to God she finishes her first novel.  You can find on her various social media platform: Facebook mimidauda, twitter @amynahdauda93, Instagram Amynahhhh where she rants about life and her work.

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