An introduction to Fitness trends AKA Fit-Fam

In our modern environment, people have begun to acknowledge the importance of healthy living and thus people have indulged in the practice of various healthy trends which on occasion have been nicknamed “fit-fam”. So, this article will serve as an introduction to the Fit-Fam world. You can check our directory to hookup with the fit fam family in Lekki.

  1. Diet: This could be the most popular of all fit trends, probably because it is the most advisable for those looking to lose weight. But there is a common misconception which limits a diet to just reducing your food in-take, which is starving and even though you may end up losing the unwanted weight it will most likely happen in an unhealthy fashion (basically you’ll end up looking more sick than slim). According to Oxford dictionary, the word diet often implies the use of specific intake of nutrition for health or weight management reasons which is more of monitoring your food in-take than reducing it, for example; you eat a more balanced diet, limit your in-take of certain foods that could be considered unhealthy or fattening, include more healthy meals, snack on fruits and have a timetable for meals, so at the end of the day you do not have to subject yourself to hunger and starvation all in the name of losing weight. The diet growing in popularity lately is the Ketogenic Diet popularly known as “Keto” which is a very low carb diet that turns the body into a fat burning machine; it is designed specifically to result in ketosis which is a state in which the body produces small fuel molecules called” Ketones” (An alternative fuel for the body, used when blood sugar is in short supply) unlike most diets, this one encourages the intake of food that would naturally be classified under fat and protein (Yes, you can eat as much meat and egg as you’d like), the only problem we as Nigerians would likely face is the low carb aspect of the diet which discourages meals such as rice, spaghetti, yam, etc. the diet is known to have a few side effects but in recent times has proved to be very efficient in the war against body fat.
  2. Cardio: The word basically encompasses every form of breaking sweat through sport like activities which can include; long walks, running, aerobics, jogging, sports and many more. This is my favorite part of the fitness trend because I would like to consider myself as an athlete, and we all know the first step to achieving this is looking the part. Not only are most work-out clothes trendy and fashion forward they serve purposes; some are designed for comfort and sweat reduction while others encourage flexibility, so proper work-out clothes are a must to begin your fit-fam journey. I would encourage one to pick up a sport or take out at least 30 minutes out of their day to jog before getting ready for work, it is a guaranteed pick me up that will get you ready for what your day has to offer.
  3. Hitting the gym: This is for more specified work outs that focus on the development of certain parts of the body. A proper gym and a personal trainer is required for maximum efficiency, most people believe that having the tools is all you need to achieve their body goals but this is wrong because being provided with the tool is just the first step, and defined work-out programs should be adopted in order to achieve certain body goals and that is why getting a trainer is advisable or an alternative to getting a trainer is doing research (everything can be found on the internet including work-out routines), the idea is just to know exactly what each set of work-outs is aimed at achieving, then from there you can pick what you are looking for and stick to it. Check our directory if you’re looking for a gym or a trainer near you

The most important thing to remember about the fitness trend is discipline and motivation Having the tools to achieve your body goals is a great bonus but the most required asset is of a mental capacity. It is advisable to join groups of people that have the same goals as you, making it easy to build support groups and systems to motivate each other and make the journey to healthy living easier than it is conceived to be. Good luck to all those wishing to embark on this journey, and you can feel free to update your progress in the comment section.

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