MassagFIT Center

MassagFIT Center provides technology-enables full-body massage services to rejuvenate your body, increase mental alertness and support you to live fit and active.

Our Smart Massage Services include:

1. Refreshing Massage – 10mins, full-body
2. Awesome Experience – 20mins, full-body
3. Ultimate Experience – 3omins, full-body

Our membership Plans (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, etc) cover:

– Individuals
– Groups (+Couples)
– Corporates

Our Smart Massage Vouchers (with more flexible-use terms) include:

1. Silver Cards (5, 10 or 15 sessions of Refreshing Massage)
2. Gold Cards (5, 10 or 15 sessions of Awesome Experience)
3. Diamond Cards (5, 10 or 15 sessions of Ultimate Experience)

We are also able to create bespoke solutions for our clients including:

– Private Home/Office Deployment of our Smart Massage
– Full-service Deployment of our Smart Massage Equipment for your events
– Partnerships with Fitness Gyms, Hotels, Traditional Spas, etc

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