The Nasean's guide to kayaking in Lagos

Kayaking in Lagos is strange to so many Lagosians.

The first thought for a novice would be “what if I fall?” Especially as it seems like there are no rescue parties on Lagos waters.  If you have never gone kayaking in Lagos, you might begin to wonder: Will I just die like that?

Thanks to Kayak Lagos who prepped  me  and my siblings on things to do before entering a kayak during my first experience.

She said things like: wear an outfit that is convenient for you to row in and you wouldn’t mind to get wet in, bring a ziploc bag for the safety of your phone,   and spare clothing in case you really get wet.

Now, to the interesting part, my siblings and I (fellow adrenaline junkies) were taught how to wear life jackets, fit in our phones, sit on a boat,  paddle  and what to do should the boat rock or capsize.

If the boat rocks, our instructor advised we relax and stop moving until it stops and if it capsizes, you make your hand in a shape like you are praying. I am sure most people would really pray to God if such a thing happened. Thankfully, there was a life guard with us who was ready to swing into action in case of any mishap.

Just so you know, I have now kayaked 4 times. I was even considering joining the Lagos team at some point due to how much I love to Kayak.

Back to my first Kayak experience, I and my siblings kayaked with excitement admiring Lagos from a different view and seeing the beauty of the big Island houses and its environs.

However, the water was not that pretty as it was filled with dirt, sea weed and all sorts.

Dirty Lagos Water

We kayaked from Queens Drive to Lekki -Ikoyi link bridge all excited and waving to the people on speed boats and anyone visible.

The coolest thing we found discovered was our kayaks would catch the waves each time a speed boat moves past, so we always looked forward to speedboats coming our way.

The return leg was when I realized that I didn’t have strength anymore to paddle. I contemplated holding onto my siblings boats so they drag me to shore, we tested that but neither of us barely moved. My second thought then was to row to any jetty and carry my boat on my head till I get to my destination- haha!

I finally got to our own Jetty but at that point, the water had become angry that we were leaving and became really turbulent.

I struggled for some time trying to paddle the waves to shore!


Now to my last experience this was like a movie according to my sister who saw the pictures. I went with Kayak Lagos powered by Yaba truppr group and everyone was cheering me up knowing how many times I have kayaked with Kayak Lagos confirming it as well.

I felt this was the time to show my skills because most truppr activities always involves running which I wasn’t fond of.


I got out with my team of 4 we kayaked as usual and then the highlights of the Kayak we had to row our boats together to capture a picture moment.

After taking the pictures we had to separate our boats and that’s when my boat started rocking and wouldn’t stop rocking and next thing I was tasting the salty water of Lagos.

The first thing I did after making the prayer hands as taught was to throw my phone which was in a ziplock bag into my teammates boat, then my slippers and my sunglasses and then held onto my teammates boat while I dragged mine. We rowed to the first jetty I saw, however I could not climb it because it was too high and the waves were hitting  hard on me.  I struggled for a while and at that point, I knew I had to swim to the shore with my boat which is what I did.  By this time, the life guard came to help me take out the water from my boat.  I still got into my boat soaked and rowed to shore where everyone clapped for my composure and not panicking while everything happened.


We then took some Wakanda style pictures and played the game Jenga while we ate.

Funny thing is I felt like a celebrity when everyone asked how I felt falling in.

Pictures captured by Ayodeji Ayoola. His pictures tells the story so well.

Nasean is an adventurer, adrenaline junkie and explorer. She’s becoming a regular contributor to Lekki Republic.  Check out her previous post on cycling in Lagos. Follow her on Instagram @Nnazean.

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