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Kingsman: The secret service (Movie Review)

Written by Oma Ehiri

As I got into the cinema hall, I was not so sure what to expect from this movie and probably had no special interest in it, sensing that it seemed like one of those movies with an ancient setting, telling the stories of wars and wars.

My assumption was about to come through with the sudden gun shots and bombings of a building in the first scene with a group of men with heavy British accent losing one of them even as the shootings came to an end.

Slouching back into my chair, it was as if the director of the movie gave me a big blow to the head with the dramatic entrance of Samuel L. Jackson which gave me a jerk and suddenly caught my attention. From then on, it was a rather awesome ride to the end. The suspense continued to the very end as the audience walked out of the hall only to be stopped in their tracks by one last act by Taron Egerton who plays the role of Gary Unwin aka Eggsy.

Directed by Mattew Vaughn, Kingsman: The secret service is the story of a spy organisation with unique individuals and a more unique way of conducting its operations. At the death of one, another is randomly selected from a group of young unrefined individuals to fill the vacuum.

Eggsy’s father was a part of the organisation and lost his dad at a rather young age, left with a rather desperate mother and an abusive foster dad. As he got older, he made contact with the organisation which was the beginning of his journey of becoming a Kingsman.

Eggsy was tried particularly in the incident of a capitalist organisation which set out to reduce the world’s population by a rather unconventional and inhumane method among other things. Eggsy and the other recruits were made to grow under the mentorship of the older kingsmen which in Eggsy’s case was, Harry Hart acted by Colin Firth,

The recruits were not the only ones that went away with life lessons but even the viewers which includes me. This is a movie which you need to see this weekend even as you rush to the cinemas to be the first to see Fast and Furious 7 or While you slept. You should make this on top of your list before it stops showing at the cinemas.

I will give this a 4 star but if you have seen it, how many stars would you give it?

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