Lagos traffic life: How I cope

I’ve always said the first thing I would write about…no, rant about if I got an opportunity to talk on any topic would be the Badore- Ajah traffic. I know for many of you, this is weird.
Traffic ke? Of all things to write about, traffic? It is a given! Traffic is like air. Lagosians cannot do without it.

But what some of you don’t know is, I recently relocated to Lagos . Back home, the only thing that stopped me from moving from point A to B was if a car broke down or If I entered the occasional rush hour when people rush to and from work. Of course, the traffic disappears in a few minutes. It clears.
The keyword: clears!

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However, the one in Lagos? Well, let’s just say we enjoy looking at our faces from our car windows in traffic. I think there is something nice about it.
Plus, somehow we enjoy the thrill of cussing each other out when a keke hits our car or another  keke. A screaming marathon begins, and  fortunately I always enter the winning keke.
But like ever other thing in life, there are pros and cons, good and bad, advantages and disadvantages, and I’ve managed to find a beam of sunrise in this cloud of darkness.
Here are a few of them:
1.  Sleeping spot: Em! Did you hear me well?

Yep, you did. Loud and clear!  Do you know how many times I’ve caught on my sleep in traffic. The best. I close my eyes, rest my head against the keke iron, and sleep! If you’re in your personal car, and you’re not driving, even better! You’ll be surprised at how refreshed you feel later on. But be careful, you should sleep in traffic with caution. Make sure you’ve your bag secured, and you know the area well. That way you’re safe.
2, Traffic fights:

Forget Nollywood, traffic fights are epic drama. There is always something going on. One driver hits another driver, a car moves too slow, a trailer honks impatiently behind a keke. And if you’re a writer like me, well! boy have you scored yourself a huge one. Materials upon materials! There is no end to how many stories you can create out of one scene. All you need to do is, watch and listen. The other day, an okada man fell his two passengers into a large pool of muddy water on a Monday morning. Ouch!
3. Sort of a test of love:

In my head, a man who is willing to drive me to a place knowing he might spend hours in traffic is one way to show he cares. I know, I know, it’s cruel! But Omo! You cannot do ‘I love you. I love you’ if a little traffic scares you. At least once, go through the stress of traffic for me. lol
4. Catch a free ride:

This is applicable to traffic on small, and familiar roads. Often times, I’ve had good Samaritans give me rides home as they move through traffic. They move at a slow rate, so they cannot help see a poor young lady in distress. Admittedly, some want a number, but families have helped me too.

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Amynah Dauda is a writer and a lawyer. She loves reading, hanging out with friends and writing. You can reach her via Amynahdauda@Gmail.com

Instagram: Amynahhhh

Facebook: mimidauda

Twitter: Amynah93

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