Lakowe in the morning

Editors note: This narrative is from our friend Saedah Imam who blogs on Saeedahwits. Enjoy her experience.

What if I told you I was just headed to get bread and it turned into a post. lol (Life of a blogger shey?)

Lakowe community is one of the numberless settlements trailing after the popular Ajah roundabout in the city of Lagos.

It takes you to have at the back of your mind that you are just travelling to Epe community (thats where Governor Ambode hails from) before you start fidgeting in the cab in fear of being kidnapped like the first time i visited my aunt there.

Awoyaya, Agungi,Sangotedo and Eputu London have become quite familiar bus-stops to me daily as bus conductors yell in my ears.

There’s the Novare mall at Sangotedo and Nero cinema not far from Lakowe  as well. We are talking Lagos – trust no nook is without a fun spot.

Lakowe has some dead end long stretch of streets, one of which i hide my yellow self  at my aunt’s (abi you want make i drop my address ni???)

Its a beautiful view of shrubs and sweet bird chirping I wake up to every morning so I thought to share.

Wide view of Lakowe. Photo credit: Saeedah Imam

(No vex oooo! I never baff for inside these pictures.)

PS:- I know i am skinny to thighs so please yab me jeje!!!


Saeedah Imam is a travel blogger! Checkout her blog.

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