Lekki Yahoo Boy Saga Continues: Suspected Internet Fraudster AKA Yahoo Boy runs around naked in Lekki

Internet Fraud popularly known as “Yahoo Yahoo” or “419” has been in existence for a while but the recent trend seems to be the involvement of spiritual elements in their illicit activities which has somewhat become common knowledge.

Apparently, these young men in a bid to make quick money get involved with what is popularly known as “juju” with the help of charms and native doctors. Rumors dictate that most have repercussions or require the candidate to either perform or desist from certain activities.

The latest in the Yahoo saga is a video that surfaced on instablog naija showing a man roaming around the streets of Lekki fully naked with people in the background making comments suggesting that he is a known “yahoo boy” and his insanity is a result of the rituals he had performed backfiring.

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The authorities are aware of these activities and are clamping hard on suspected criminals, prior to the man roaming around naked, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission officers in the Lagos zone arrested 18 suspected “yahoo boys” living flamboyantly within the republic, 14 were arrested around the Badore area of Ajah and are set to be charged to court, the names of the suspects arrested are: Abiola Kayode, Adeleye Adewale, Adeniyi Abiola, Favour Iruabo, Iyiola Olayemi, Lawal Remilekun, Martins Adetunji, Obafunsho Oladipupo Samson, Olaleye Bamilola Hassan, Oseni Ridwan, Peter Ayobami Samuel, Peter Toluwabori, Prince Jibril Dirisu and Richard Jerry John.

The commission also revealed that 4 more were arrested in Lekki on Saturday 7th April 2018 for various offenses bordering on cyber-crimes and money laundering. In their possession were expensive accessories, exotic cars, and charms. The names of the 4 suspects arrested are Ale Daniel, Tunde Badmus, Adams Tunde Adedeji and Ajiboye Gbenga.

The Lagos Zonal Head of EFCC, Akanninyene Ezima released a statement advising people to desist from encouraging these activities, explaining that harboring these criminals is against the law and can lead to jail time of up to 15 years.

In relation to repercussions or side effects of “juju” being used for internet fraud, a video of a suspected man barking like a dog surfaced on the internet. In the video, the man was being mocked by his friends for barking like a dog and in a comment beside the video, it was state that the barking is a side effect of the money ritual he had performed and it occured once a month, it was also stated that this was a rampant trend in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.

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Though the practice had been in existence for a while it seems to be growing rampant in recent times, some have argued that it is due to the hardship in the country as these young men see it as a way out of poverty, some even go as far as defending their actions though it is commonly frowned upon. For whatever reason people have to participate in these activities It is advisable to be aware of how your friends or significant others are coming about their wealth.

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