The Beaver Clinic

The Beaver Clinic (Dental Practice) offer the latest methods in clinical practice as well as the use of modern dental materials. To protect our staff and patients, we follow the World Health Organization guidelines on sterilization and infection control.

We are dental specialists with a mission to treating the whole man.

Our Unique Services:

Consultation/Routine Dental Examination

Preventive Care-Oral Hygiene Instruction, Scaling and Polishing

Dietary Counselling and Weight Loss

Third Molar Surgery (Wisdom Tooth Extraction)

Tooth Coloured Fillings-Composite, Glass Ionomer Cement

Root Canal Treatment and Surgery

Crown and Bridges

Teeth Whitening


Orthodontics-Fixed Wire Braces, Aligners (Invisalign)

Digitasl X-Ray

Concierge Dentistry

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