Love Your Job And Not Your Company

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It was an Indian scientist, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, that made this mind bugging statement, Love your job and not your company because you may not know when your company stops loving you. He gave about 7 rules that workers need to abide by which is clearly summarized on the principle of leaving the office on time.

In Dr. Kalam’s write up, leaving the office early makes you more efficient, gives you a good social life and you get to enjoy quality family life. This is what every individual should ideally be about. You cannot afford to let your social and family life suffer because you want to make your company some extra income.

Working smart is important and care free attitude should not be tolerated in a work place but seeking to endanger your life, happiness and health for a company isn’t worth it. Develop a passion for the work that you do and carry it out judiciously and efficiently with outstanding results to show but never get your heart involved that you begin to attach sentiments to your work and you never can tell when to stop and put in the paper.

Like Dr. Kalam said, work is a never ending process that can never be completed. If you submit your report to your boss 2 days before the deadline. You do not get those 2 days off, do you? You only get more work on your table. It is great to take initiative, be timely but ensure you are not doing that at the expense of your family and friends.

As we go through the week, we will like for you to evaluate the kind of work life that you have and see that it doesn’t encroach hard into your social and family life.

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