3 good things about the Lekki, Lagos rains

Editor’s note: It is no longer news that Lekki gets flooded when it rains and while there’s a lot of downsides to this, our contributor Amynah Dauda choose to see a positive side.


It’s the raining season in Lagos. You know what that means, right? Flood! Flood! Flood! I know now the jokes on the republic, lekki to be precise.

Everyone is mocking high brow lekki, apologizing to their various mainland locations if they ever downgraded them.

My own axis; Ajah to Badore is flooded. Cars, trucks, people trying to navigate their way in the water with their trousers rolled up, and others pushing their cars that may have been stuck in the mud.

While I would admit this rain hasn’t been funny; busy causing confusion up and down, it does come with it own perks.

I’ve chosen for my own sanity to focus on the positive. Here are a few of them:

Number one, at least I have a valid excuse when I do not go for my Saturday runs.

The rains!

Even before I wear my jogging outfit, I hear the sweet sound of rain pelting down on my zinc ceiling. What do I do? Go back to bed. Best feeling ever! I do not have to wake up few hours later with a nagging feeling of guilt. Guilt free baby!

Number two, whether the almighty Eko disco decides to bless us with their presence or not Or Whether the fan or Ac is off doesn’t matter anymore.

I’ve the sweetest sleep. Although there’s no denying, this has caused me to oversleep sometimes, and in turn made me late for appointments. Plus it does take a tremendous amount of self will, and a loud alarm to finally drag myself out of bed. I’ve never slept better.

Bless the rains. Lol

Finally people, you know the soothing sound of rain pattering on a tin roof when it’s falling lightly late at night or during the day.  You know that semi cool vibe that oozes into the air all day, everyday?

Of course you do. If not, you won’t be snuggling up in a warm blanket right now or have a hot cup of tea with a big ol smile on your face. We are living the chilled life people.

So come what may with the rains, at least we get to enjoy a few things too.

I love the rains and hope you enjoy it as well.

Amynah Dauda is a writer and a lawyer. She loves reading, hanging out with friends and writing. You can reach her via Amynahdauda@Gmail.com

Instagram: Amynahhhh

Facebook: mimidauda

Twitter: Amynah93

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