10 Must-Have Luxury Gadgets That Are Totally Worth The Money

Talk about luxury gadgets, everything seems to be changing fast these days. We are constantly surrounded by awesome gadgets – thanks to folks who are persistently thinking outside the box in bid to make our lives easier through useful inventions. Just look around, there is a product for whatever you need. We live in a world full of gadgets. There are vacuums that act like tiny, dust-sucking robots. There are phone cases that act as professional projectors. These things exist because we need them.

There are so many of these little modern luxury gadgets out there. These article is beyond the basics, but those little tech gadgets that are very necessary and will make your life easier and more convenient. Why not make your life a little bit easier for some cash? For instance, you can testify to the convenience of having a remote starter for your car if you’ve got one. Letting your car heat up for 15 minutes before you get into it will no longer be an issue since you can start your car from a reasonable distance away. That said, let’s go over some more fun gadgets you should get,  here are a few modern luxuries that are worth every penny:

  1. A Garment Steamer
    Garment Steamer

To be sincere, ironing can be so stressful. Garment Steamer heats up quickly and works fast to get rid of wrinkles. It’s just easier to use than an iron and takes up a lot less space.

2. Bluetooth Earbuds
It’s so much nicer at the gym not worrying about your headphones getting wrapped around anything. They sit comfortably around your neck, retract the wires so they don’t get tangled, and leave your phone alone. They’re great, and totally worth the money.

3. An Epilator
This thing is truly amazing. If you struggle with hair removal, getting an epilator might make your life a little bit easier.

4. A Sunrise Lamp
A sunrise lamp is pretty genius for anyone who wakes up super early. The light mimics the light of a sunrise, going from dim to brighter in a natural way that makes waking up in the dark a lot easier. Think about it: waking up in the dark makes you want to go back to sleep. Waking up in natural “sunlight” helps you get out of bed. I might actually buy this.

5. Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers
What’s better than listening to your favorite music in the shower? This little guy is inexpensive and works really well.

6. A Tablet Stand
Trying to prop that thing up with books or pillows or whatever is ill-advised. First of all, it’s GONNA slide or fall to the floor. It might not crack the screen the first time; but the risk just isn’t worth it. With Tablet Stand, your iPad is securely positioned and you don’t have to worry about mishaps.

7. A Streaming Stick
This streaming stick takes five minutes to set up, then streams anything from your computer or tablet to your TV. Genius!

8. A Cool Pillow
How about a pillow that is always cool? Awesome. It has some kind of gel in it that makes it that way. If you love a cold pillow, you need this. It will make your sleep so much better!

9. A Heated Blanket
They’re not very expensive, and they’re ideal if you’re that person who is always cold – especially if you live around people who wouldn’t turn off the A/C.

10. Portable HandHeld Air Conditioner
portable-air-conditionerThis is so helpful especially during this time that everywhere is super-hot.

This list is in-exhaustive. Of course there are a lot of cool gadgets out there, however, I find the ones listed above to be more awesome.

You will find these wonderful gadgets in stores around you. Get one or two for yourself, and don’t forget to thank us afterwards.

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  1. Ngozi

    December 20, 2016 at 8:44 pm

    How can I get some of these gadgets and their prices?

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