Nigerian Elections 2019 : The Ultimate Voters Survival Guide

Yep It’s that exciting time again! Ready or not, 2019 elections are around the corner and they’ll be over before you say Eko-Oni baje. As a sure-Lagos-person, planning ahead is a proactive lifestyle in this concrete jungle.

Do you have your Permanent Voters Card (PVC) ready? Yaay!!! Ok but are you really prepared for the Election Day shenanigans?!?

Well, Lekki Republic put together a few tips to make your election day hassle free and better:

  1. Voters card (PVC) in hand.
  2. You know your election polling unit(You can confirm here
  3. Visit/locate tour the address of your polling unit.
  4. Get your handy gadgets fully charged.
  5.  Have a power bank. (fully charged)
  6. Wear clothes and shoes you are comfortable in. I’d recommend canvas/sneakers if you ask me.?
  7.  Get a face cap or sun-hat ??
  8.  Have snacks/water/drinks or whatever you snack on all stashed for nibbling.
  9.  Back-pack or knapsack to carry all your necessaries.
  10. Go to your polling unit in a group if you can (family members, neighbour etcetera) for security reasons.
  11.  Carry your praying mat if you’re a Muslim.
  12. If you’re a ‘bookie’, you could go with a book/novel as well. Might come in handy.
  13.  Have a hand sanitizer!
  14. Be alert and stay security conscious.

Be safe out there fam.

Bilkisu Oje is a fun loving member of the republic. She’s a lawyer and a writer who loves to explore and have fun. Follow her on Instagram @queenbee_x0x.

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    1. Olumuyiwa George

      February 14, 2019 at 7:42 pm

      Glad you found it useful Anthony. Keep tabs with us for more useful tips

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