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For a while now I have been hearing stories about this private beach called Ilashe where people go to relax and have a good time, and it was something I always told myself that I would do eventually so when the opportunity presented itself in the form of a getaway weekend with friends, I didn’t hesitate.

I decided to make this article a combination of a guideline on how to fully maximize your weekend getaway and my personal experience at Ilashe, so here are some tips to fully maximizing any trip (you can thank me by subscribing to our newsletter).

  1. Right set of people: This is the most important aspect of a trip of any kind because it determines the outcome. The trick is avoiding “party poopers”; which include that Anti-social friend (we all have those) that wouldn’t really want to associate with others or participate in the activities and expect you to the same and form your own little corner of the world with them (talking from experience), I’m sure we love them and all but they are not needed on this trip (or any trip for that matter), and going along with people you know you can have a good time and tolerate their excesses (some people just love over doing things).
  2. Have a leader and a proper plan/schedule: I used the word leader for a lack of a better one, basically just have someone spearheading the trip; rally people, make the plans and make sure its executed properly, and you should be sure that it is someone that’s enthusiastic, responsible and can handle the pressure (you’d be surprised at how stressful planning these things are), if not, you’re screwed. A plan is also very important because “winging it” can only take you so far, it doesn’t have to be extremely detailed; everyone should just have an idea of the activities to expect, then it’s the” leader’s” duty to have a schedule an ensure everything goes according to plan.
  3. Food, Drinks & Party Favors: There must be a provision for food and drinks (preferably alcohol) for any trip no matter how short, because I don’t know about you but I can’t have a good time on an empty stomach (I’ll just be vexing anyhow). Then provisions for music and speakers (doesn’t have to be a stereo) is not a must but it increases the chances of having a good time plus it could lead to a “pop-up party” (I mean, who doesn’t love a pop-up party?).

I believe that once you have these in place, you’re good to go.


The day of the trip came, we were all set, we agree to meet at the Rendezvous point (under falomo bridge, Victoria Island) very early (cause of Nigerians and their time sensitive nature) to avoid missing our ferry (you need a boat ride to get to the beach) which we almost did (Yes, people still managed to come late). We all divided responsibilities among ourselves; some were to bring food (someone brought a live goat, Yes, a live goat), others drinks etc, so I made sandwiches and packed punch. At the rendezvous point, a bunch of what I can only assume were working class girls (I don’t judge) and their foreign “hubbies” were together when a heated agreement breaks out (seemed like a live episode of love and hip-hop, so I was having the time of my life and my day hadn’t even started). The rain tried to kill our vibe but we didn’t let it (Turn down for kini?!), so the storm calms down and the trip finally begins, as usual I take my seat outside the boat because looking at the sea calms me down (who knows? Might have been a “mami water” in my previous life).

We get to the beach and quad bikes take us to our beach house which was a beautiful 8-bedroom story building with a veranda in the middle demarcating the building into blocks with a pool in front, so we eat then divide the rooms and agree to meet at the veranda an hour later. After assembling at the veranda, we take a hike around the beach stopping by the water side to play a bit, with music in the background the entire time so it’s more dancing than hiking. We get back, everybody takes a shower, then my friends get on the grill and work their magic (The final chapter for the goat) and in no time barbeque starts to flow around and then the drinks followed then an overdue party starts ending with most of us sleeping on the veranda. morning came to quick and eventually it was time to leave our mini paradise so we pack our things and make our way to the boat thus ending a much-needed break from the world.

Might not sound like much but I can tell you for a fact that I had the time of my life.

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