David Hundeyin says new Nollywood movies portray fake 'Island' Lifestyle and the fans seem to argue

Nigerian writer and critic David Hundeyin  has described the new generation of Nollywood movies as selling non existent dreams, lacking in-depth stories and portraying a fake affluent lifestyle.

Hundeyin who is known for his controversial but thought provoking write ups took to Twitter to  express his displeasure at the new Nollywood directors as hoping to fill up and sell cinema tickets by shooting what he describes as a 90 minute clip of ‘Island Opulence Porn’.

We put his thoughts on our Instagram page to get their reaction and the responses were quite revealing. One of them disagreed with Hundeyin, asking him to go see ‘Mokalik’ by Kunle Afolayan. However majority of them were in total agreement.

MzBubu8 said: “I saw the trailer of Lagos blings and one other one yesterday.. Compared to trailer of Anna and some Hollywood movies, our own didn’t have any meaning.. Like I was embarrassed” (edited for clarity).

Cee Amande said: “I miss the days of Saworoide. Brilliant Storytellers and film makers like Tunde kelani who knew how to infuse culture and good cinematography. I understand that these “Banana Island” stories need to be told also but we the viewers just want more substance.”

Mackie said: “Fake life, even in movies.”

Perhaps Mimzy Gabriels reaction was the most sad of all: “I won’t even watch Nigerian movie even if the ticket is free. Gone are the days when acting is about letting people know what’s going on in the country, making people genuinely laugh or enlightening the masses via talented actors and actresses.now all they do is publicize themselves for the next sugar daddy and sugar mommy that will be interested in them. No talent, no story, just showing off.
When the likes of Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola, Stephanie Okereke, Liz benson , nkem owo , Pete Edochie and co had Nollywood, I go to movie stores and rent Nigerian movie, but now I cannot even tune in African magic at home.”

Hundeyin definitely has a point. A movie should have an interesting story, solid cinematography and of course great actors who interpret their given roles excellently.

If a movie is lacking in any of these things, it falls short of expectations. Perhaps our Nigerian movie directors can do better. Movie fans are more aware and we need to be known for the quality of our movies and not just the volume of movie released.

That’s the only way the Nigerian film industry will stand a chance to win prestigious awards like the Oscars and Golden Globe.

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