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Oga Madam: Office chronicles with Ronke

“Ronke, as from tomorrow I don’t want to see you wearing flats to this office again,” watched  theher boss said.
Yessss ma! she replied while thinking it was not her boss’s business the type of shoes she wore to work, – she was more comfortable in flats and that she had worn heels a few times but they had definitely gone unnoticed by her boss.

All of Ronke’s pleas to her boss to allow her to wear comfortable flat shoes fell on deaf ears and so she decided to permanently kept a pair of high heeled shoes by her table in the office. She knew that she would never understand how it had become her bosses’ business to become the Inspector General of her wardrobe affairs.

This and much more were a few of the various unsolicited involvement and abuses Ronke faced over the few months that eventually turned out to be quite interesting and overwhelming at the same time. For the purpose of this write-up, let’s refer to Ronke’s boss as Oga.

Ronke and her colleagues concluded that Oga definitely won first position for the award of multiple personality disorder. They could not explain how this minute Oga was gisting them about different scenes from the episode of “Swatched the she previous night, and the next minute she’s screaming: “Kunle,I am sorry to say, you are very useless. Are you sure you went to University at all? Why do you always act clueless? ” and  less than an hour later, she’s back to gisting  about the electricity problems in Nigeria with Kunle like they are best buddies. Whattt?????? Where and how does that even happen?

Sometimes Ronke and her colleagues had to listen dilligently with smiles at the boring jokes being told by oga.They knew better than acting like they were not interested in those dry jokes.Repercussion might be getting to work the nest day only to find out you’ve lost your job.  Believe me, Oga has the power to do and  undo.She’s Alpha & Omega.There were a few times Ronke’s cheeks hurt due to forced and fake smiles for long periods. Her colleagues on the other hand had smiles literally go from 100 to 0 the second Oga leaves their office corner.

They all had tolerate Oga’s erratic behaviour with some working under  emotional pressure. Most colleagues feel sad on Sunday evenings dreading the encounter with Oga during the week with most of them praying to be delivered from the Oga saga.

To give you a picture as to how bad it was, Oga would sometimes send everyone in the department out on different errands at the same time.These errands were mostly personal, hardly ever work related. Kunle might have been sent to buy frozen goat meat, Ronke to get suya and then Segun to go with the driver to queue for fuel or repair the faulty gear in Oga’s car. I bet you now agree that Oga was Alpha & Omega.

As they say, everyday is for the thief, one day is for the owner. This was exactly what happened the day Ronke decided she has had enough of Oga’s insults. It had been three days before the final meltdown. Day one,Oga storms into the office literally screaming at her saying she could only be useful being useless. What happened you ask. Tor,if you ask meeee,na who I go ask? Okay, back to the matter, a wrong document which Oga had previously vetted had been sent out to clients and their feedback was not pleasant

You might ask  whose fault it was? I would say Ronke and Oga. Ronke for one should probably have been a bit more thorough, and  her boss on the other hand, should have pointed out her mistakes as Ronke was still learning the ropes of the job. But as our elders in Nigeria can never be wrong, and as  Madam Oga fell into the category of elders, best believe the FAULT WAS ALL RONKE’S.

On day two, the  shouting continued to the dismay of other people in the office.  Oga then took Ronke out to run one of Oga’s personal errands with her. Oga insisted Ronke rode in her car with her. She continued to yell at Ronke in the car, and when they got to their destination, Oga told Ronke to get out of her car and even reported her to two men who were not even privy of the previous incident.

When Oga was ready to go back to the office, Ronke jumped back into the car thinking they were both going back to the office. Oga then asked if she needed money for  a cab…..reallyyyy?????.It was at this moment she realized why Oga had asked her to ride with her in the first place. Immediately, Ronke found a cab, paid with her money and got back to the office. That wasn’t all. Alpha & the Omega had assigned Ronke some mundane task as punishment and it was to be submitted on the same day. Ronked did what she could and finally left the office a few minutes after 10 PM.

Day threem was show down day. Apparently, the document Ronke sent to Oga turned out to be “useless”.It’s interesting to know how she determined that, as she admitted to not opening it since she knew it was going to be useless anyways. Let that sink in. Another shouting session started, and then she decided that Ronke needed to be given two queries, one for day one’s palaver, which had been sorted out and then for the useless document which Ronke sent to her, which she didn’t even take a look at.

There was a weekend between day two and three , and Ronke used that to think long and hard about herlife.She was certain she didn’t want to keep hearing abusive words day in day out that kept on demoralizing her. So she drafted a resignation letter. She knew she was going to drop it soon, when? She didn’t know. Apparently, the fateful day was day three. She had concluded  that it would be very bad if she ended up being sacked, and then decided when the “caper diem” moment arrived, she should go for it.

Immediately Oga mentioned her intention to give her queries, Ronke majestically strolled to her laptop, printed her resignation letter, signed it,and walked straight to HR to submit it.

Oga met her on  the way, and asked where she was coming from. Ronke told her of her resignation and Oga revealed she had had plans to sack her anyways.Question is who beat who to it? You guessed right. From that day till her final day at the office, Oga became extremely friendly. Surprised? Ronke was surprised as well. Lets just say Oga figured her niceness would somehow make her have some sort of amnesia towards all the horrible things she had done to Ronke. Ronke walked out of the office on the last day heaving a sign of relief and the belief that it would only get better.

Had a similar office experience? Kindly share your experience in the comments area.

Oluwatomi(Tomi) Omole is a trained lawyer, who transitioned into the Human Resource space and currently works as a HR Professional. When she is not  recruiting and managing talent, she can be found recording videos for her youtube channel, Screencity with Tomi, a channel dedicated to reviewing and discussing movies.

She recently decided to explore the creative side of writing and is excited about where this journey would take her.Her IG handle is Screencitywithtomi Tomi enjoys dancing, exploring new places and meeting new people.

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    June 22, 2017 at 9:50 am

    Oluwatomiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!! This one I can definitely relate maybe not this bad but yeah I can relate to the pre-typed resignation part!! All in All more of this please!

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