What online marketers need to know about Nigerian Customers

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What online marketers need to know about Nigerian Customers

What online marketers need to know about Nigerian Customers

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 Basically, I have seen a lot of online marketers get it wrong when they try to convert Nigerian customers online to take an action. You need to know some facts about Nigerian online shoppers, this fact won’t be revealed in your data which is only characterized by numbers.Here are some few facts your data won’t tell you about Nigerian consumers online.Some of this ideas are based on my background in Sociology and research.

  • They are never driven by noise !
  • They will only purchase from brands that giveback
  • They will only fall for a bait advert once !
  • Never sell to them directly ! touch them at their touchpoints ( entertainment,sports,gossips,comedy e.t.c )
  • They will never share your ads ! but will share your viral content. you have to strategically place this ads in this content
  • Nigerians are Nigerians ! Online or Offline, their buying culture iinterms of decision making is the same.

So let me take you through what you need to consider when creating your content so that it can go viral.

”Virality = (Pathos + Ethos + Logos) x (Timeliness + Relevance)”

”Strategy” comes in the form of content development and every content must have a planned out strategy that will ignite an action !. We can link this to Aristotle’s framework of persuasion: pathos, ethos, logos.( You can read more on this )

So lets talk about elements you need to know and have in mind when planning your contents towards Nigerians or any targeted culture.

  • Your content must have an element that plays a critical role in invoking the emotions that increase a person’s propensity to share and engage with your content
  • “Genuine and Authenticity” : This is a very important element every content must have. Nigerians don’t like to be deceived
  • Your contents must make them self-select and with the intention of not being viral and confusing
  • ‘Relevance and Timeliness” : Timeliness is key to every content and it also requires the right thing done at the right time ( relevance )

Abiola Fabio is a Digital and Social Media professional with vast experience in different social media and Online Task.He currently works as the Community Manager at kaymu.com.ng ( Nigeria’s #1 Online Marketplace)

Source: Linkedin

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  1. Eric Watson

    April 5, 2016 at 12:12 pm

    Thanks for sharing such great information, this will help me to increase my business online by following your experiences.


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