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Lekki Republic

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The Pepsi Lituation Experience

When Pepsi announced they would be having Dj Brand ambassadors, I knew they had something epic in store for us but I must admit that nothing prepared me for what was about to happen. Pepsi promised that it would be the littest party of the year and they delivered without a doubt. it was a show  ...

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The Complete Guide to Living In Lekki

Overview of Lekki Nestled to the east of Lagos state Nigeria, Lekki has an undeniable allure. While there are no towering skyscrapers found in cities like New York, Lekki offers popular beaches, vibrant nightlife and a rich array of entertainment options. If you fancy living in a neighbourhood  ...

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Always been a fan of beaches, I just love the idea of being at one with nature, breeze in my hair, legs buried in sand, calmness of the ocean and the sun in my face, it’s the little things that grant me peace and tranquility. I belong to an adventure group (yes, those exist in Nigeria) and we  ...

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