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A review of Radison Blu hotel,Victoria Island, Lagos

Radison Blue anchorage hotel Lagos is a grand hotel on Ozumba Mbadiwe in Victoria Island and is one of the notable hotels in Lagos. Boasting of a water front view, it is also home to boutique shops, a lounge, bar and restaurant and popular Lagos Ice cream brand Hans & Rene.


Waterfront view of Radison Blue Hotel Lagos

Before now, we had only ever tasted their Chapman and nothing else and on this day we decided to check out the food menu and ordered chicken wings with a side of fries (We do love chicken wings!!)
While we waited, we relaxed in the lounge area, working and attending to other matters arising, while listening to subtle music playing in the background.


Lounge area Radison Blu Lagos

The lounge offers a relaxing atmosphere to sit alone or with friends and from what we could observe, could also be cordoned off in the event of private parties and small events such as meetings and or launches.

Not so spicy, the chicken wings served to occupy and distract us from the work that we had to do. So, after ensuring that we properly and entirely dealt with the meal, we faced what we had to do and trust me when I say that a lot more was accomplished on a filled belly.

Food at Radison Blue Lagos by Tope Omamegbe (Lekki Republic)

Breakdown of cost

  • Chicken wings (like 11 pcs) – N6,500
  • Side of fries – N900
  • 2 Bottles of water –300 each = N600

Total:N8,000 (Eight thousand Naira)

The meal was delicious and filling for 2 people, and with light music playing in the background, work kicked off and truly went smoothly. Now I must add that this was a bit higher than our usual budget of 5 or 6k but still below 10,000 naira which is reasonable.
However, there are instances where (we advise that) you spend, no splurge, on a really good expensive meal that is above your budget. That said, see you on next time!!!!

Tajmao out!!!!

* Chicken wings: N6500
* Side of fries: N900
* 2 Bottles of water @ N300 each
Total: N8,000

No fuss. Lovely service, comfortable atmosphere, music playing in the background, quick service and you have the option of the lounge, the waterside or the restaurant area. And if you do not want to go inside the hotel, you can sit out at Hans & Rene and for N800 (minimum) per scoop, you can indulge in some ice creamy goodness of flavours ranging from Agbalumo (yes I said it) to Lemon, or Strawberry, Caramel etc (not to mention the toppings – jelly, chocolate chips, M&Ms etc).

Till next time, Tajmao out!

Note: This post is part of our Budget hangout series by our regular contributor Tope Omamegbe. Checkout her review of Hard Rock Cafe Lagos and another one here. She’s on Instagram @Tajmao and blogs at

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