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Resign Or Get Fired: The Agony Of An Employee

Written by Oma Ehiri

Building a career in a field that you love is such an uphill task especially with the many challenges that we face in this part of the world where many are unemployed and some are under employed. However, when you find a job that gives you some amount of income or is expected to create a desired satisfaction, you wish to do all you can to keep the job even when things are tough.

I have a friend who has been through a few hurdles in her career lately and she has been having a really tough one with her boss who seems to have an impression about her. She spoke to me about the whole drama and as stuck in a dilenma whether to keep up with the job or take a bow. I would love to share a bit of what I told her for those who may be in similar shoes.

The most important thing here is to use your brain in taking strategic decisions about your career and not your heart. You may love what you do which is appropriate but don’t extend that love to your company that you become so attached to it. The reason being that, in a situation like Amina’s whom the boss has made it clear that she doesn’t really belong to the company and is having a hard time working with her, if Amina doesn’t detach herself from that company and stick to just doing the job, she is likely to get hurt sooner.

If you are in Amina’s shoe’s, I would advise that you try to have a talk with your boss and find out what it is that you may be doing wrong and find a way to make it right. However, if it purely malicious or some antics by the boss to reduce the number of staff, you need to put in your letter of resignation because trust me, a sack letter does your resume no good.


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