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A Review Of Green Mealer Restaurant VGC

I was scheduled for a business meeting at VGC, Lekki one cool Saturday evening so I decided to use the Green mealer Restaurant as my rendezvous point. I had never been to a restaurant in VGC Lekki so I was curous.

I’ve sighted the place on previous visits to VGC  but never had been there. As the driver pulled into the VGC drive, I directed him to take the first turn right and head straight to that restaurant just by the complex.

Restaurants in VGC Lagos,Green mealer restaurant review

Image courtesy: Green Mealer Restaurant G+ Page

I had no expectations of the place and walked in with an open mind.  The place looked cozy but my turn off at the moment was the sight of an ongoing football match between Arsenal and Chelsea on the TV set to my far left. (I’m not a football person and would have loved just soft music to be playing at the background for such a cozy place).


The TV set from which the football match was showing

So my prospective business partner walks in and we have a good conversation. Meanwhile, I had ordered a bottle of soda to smoothen the talks.

And yes it became time for the food and I ordered some eba and afang soup. My business partner was surprised at my choice of order but truth is I’ve actually missed such meals as a bachelor.


I particularly liked how the presentation of the food especially how the eba was rolled.rolled-eba-lekki-republic

Ignored the cutlery and devoured my meal the Nigerian way…with my hands. The afang soup had an ample supply of goat meat.

Approximate wait: 15 minutes.

Approximate cost of meal: N2,500.

Service rating: Nice and courteous staff, excellent service.

My opinion: The Green Mealer restaurant is a cool place to eat and drink in the VGC axis of Lekki-Ajah. However, the lighting at night is too bright which takes away the romantic ambiance of the place. A dimly lit place with some fancy disco light will attract the romantic bunch.

I think soft music should always be played at all times whether there’s an ongoing football match or not.

Also the owner can take advantage of the right side of the building facing the road to place a neon sign advertising the place.

Have you been to the Green mealer restaurant? Tell us your opinion below.

They’re located at Shop G1 at the VGC complex. Know any other cool restaurants in Lekki? Let us know in the comments section below. We just might check it out.

Also share your experiences of various places in Lekki with us and we’d be glad to share with our community.

You can also checkout some cool bars as well.


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  1. Hetty

    January 27, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    I took my daughter to kidscare and went in to green mealer for a meal. I ordered coconut rice and chicken which cost me 2700 and I was served 3 pieces of tiny bony chicken. The smallest chicken I have ever been served in my life for 2700. I was so upset I refused to eat the food. What kind of rip off is that!!! I can never ever visit that restaurant again or recommend it. Horrible experience I just had.

    1. Management, The Green Mealer

      February 1, 2017 at 1:43 pm

      Dear Mrs Hetty, we sincerely apologize on your dissatisfaction as regards our service. However, part of your order was the local chicken which generally is quite smaller and also more expensive than the regular chicken, hence the reason for the size. In addition, we also allowed you access to our restaurant prior to our official opening hour so as to accomodate you and attend to your order as part of our customer relations. In spite of all this, we reiterate our apologies and implore you and your daughter to visit again during your leisure and try out our varieties of other cuisines full compliments of the house. We also appreciate the criticism, our customers deserve the best. Thank you ma

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