A review of the Nike Art Gallery in Lekki

Editor’s note: The Nike art Gallery is one of the most popular Art Gallerys on the Island in Lagos. Lifestyle writer Kenny Omotosho of Pulse Nigeria went on a trip to the place and here is her review below…

The Nike Art Centre such an incredible as well as a fascinating home of Art capable of thrilling just anyone (either an art lover or not).


I visited this unique gallery on Wednesday, March 29, 2017, and was amazed to find interesting, traditional, cultural and beautiful art pieces I’ve ever seen all in one facility housed in a four-storey tall building. The entire gallery, from the walls down to the floor is covered up with art pieces of all kinds.

From the very entrance of the gallery, I was welcomed by giant sculptures made from tires. A full-size crocodile, monkey and mythical beings. Just at the entrance of the gallery, I was amazed to have been greeted by an amazing artistic foot mat. Well, it’s an art gallery, so everything should speak art, right?

Inside the gallery lies paintings of the various people and tribe in Nigeria( the northerners, southerners, easterners and the westerners) and of course diverse art as scenes in the rain, smokey daylight, bright sun, markets place, mothers taking care of their kids, festivity in the country and a whole lot more.

Without failing to mention the exceptional sculptures carved with wood into lovely art pieces of all kinds ranging from all kinds of object to animal and humans.

The gallery gives a true picture of what Lagos, as well as Nigeria, is. The electricity at some point went out, but I was impressed at how quickly the generator was kick started. I must say, I had such an amazing time and experience there, it wont be a bad idea to revisit.

Although the gallery with it’s huge collection of artworks of various masterpieces you could almost confuse it for an art museum or something still seem to be well organised but there is so much to see yet not enough space. A good number of paintings were simply stacked or piled on top of each other. However, it wont be a bad idea to focus on some of the artists stories on a few walls in the gallery. That way, there’s a region where we could see the art through the eyes of the exhibitors.

Review Source: Pulse Nigeria

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