Does The Ring Influence Your Decision?

Image via Reuters

A few hours ago, BBC posted a story on a diamond which cost $22.1m. The ring which was sold at the Sotheby’s Auction house in New York caught my attention as I wondered what the effect of a ring of that cost could do to any girl who gets the opportunity of being proposed to with such a ring.

I remember helping a friend plan his proposal and you should have seen the panic in him as he thought of the sort of ring to buy for his fiancee to be. It was such a dramatic hunt that got him to contract the services of a friend to drive his car since he couldn’t focus and the other to be the extra set of eye in selecting the ‘perfect ring’.

All of these panic was to make sure that she loved the ring when she saw it and that it was something she would love to show off to her friends. But, it just makes me wonder if the ring didn’t meet her taste, would she have said no to him? And if the ring was $22.1m, will she say yes just because she wants the ring and not because she loves him? If she got tired of the relationship and wanted to step out of it, will the ring make her stay back in the relationship or would she damn the ring, throw it in his face and walk away?

Ladies please share your thoughts.

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