Oh, is that why he earns more? Scientists claim taller people tend to be RICHER

Size really does matter in the boardroom, according to a new study.

Scientists believe that every extra inch a man has in height over his peers is worth almost $800 (N159,240) a year in increased earnings.

But not all inches are worth the same.

A new study has found that the sharpest jump in earnings takes place between men who are 5’4′ and 5’6′ – but wages remain the same at around 6’0′.

Earning more if you’re taller makes sense for jobs that require physical strength, but the trend is largely seen in desk-based roles.

Some researchers believe taller people in offices earn more because they have better emotional intelligence, social skills and self-confidence.

Another theory suggests that taller people are treated better giving them more emotional stability and a better work ethic.

A new paper by Andreas Schick, an economist at the FDA, and Richard Steckel, an economist at the Ohio State University, argues it may be a combination of these factors.

They looked at data from the UK tracking a group of people born in 1958, and they found that neither intelligence nor physical factors alone could not explain the differences in earnings.

Instead, they found the most important variable was how much nutrition people received as a child, which affected both height and intelligence.

The study found for every two-inch increase in a child’s height, the improvement on cognitive and non-cognitive tests is roughly equivalent to the difference between growing up in a lower-class family and a middle-class family.

It could go some way to explain why taller men earn more, but scientists say there are also other factors to consider, such as cultural perceptions.

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