How To Spend The Ramadan Holidays

Updated September 2016
Congratulations to the Muslim faithfuls in the house and happy Eid-al-Fitr to you all. With the Federal government declaring Today (17th July 2015) and Monday 20th July a public holiday, I;m sure most of you will be wondering how to spend the Ramadan holidays.
Anyway, here are a few things to do at Ramadan:

1. Travel

Thankfully, the fasting period is over and a lot of people would want to go celebrate with their family and loved ones. For those who can afford it, exotic locations like Fez in Morrocco, Dubai – UAE, Istanbul in Turkey or even Cairo in Egypt is a great place to go.

In Nigeria, other hotspots and cities to celebrate Ramadan include Lagos,Ibadan, Ilorin, Abuja and Kano. You may want to checkout one of the 15 most beautiful vacation destinations in Nigeria.

2. Give to the poor

Isn’t that the aim of Ramadan? To thank Allah for our blessings and ask for more by giving to the less fortunate around us? It doesn’t have to be an elaborate gift. Something like food which we take for granted, old clothes we don’t use again and even cash gifts will go a long way to alleviate the pains of the less privileged in the society.

3. Go for a sober reflection


Of course some people will not want to be all merry and will instead prefer a sober reflection putting the previous year in focus and planning for the new year. If you’re in Lagos, the Lekki conservation centre is an ideal place as the serene natural environment is the perfect place for such a sojourn.


4. Observe your prayers.

Of course prayer is eally important. You shouldn’t be carried away with all the fun and merry making that you forget to observe your prayer time.

Happy Eid el Mubarak to you. Any Ramadan celebration tip you think I missed? Please share it in the comments area. I’m sure others will benefit as well.


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